2008-09 Game 47: Denver Nuggets vs Charlotte Bobcats Game Thread

Month end at work = pathetically un-insightful preview, but you guys are used to those. Charlotte has been very respectable lately, even accomplishing something the Nuggets are incapable of doing and that is beating the Lakers at Staples Center.  However, Gerald Wallace suffered cracked ribs and a collapsed lung in that game.  Fortunately he was […]

One Denver Nugget is an All-Star

And it is…Chauncey Billups.  See the complete list of reserves over at Yahoo! Sports. Congratulations to Chauncey. The only selection I have a problem with is David West.  It is nearly a crime that West was voted in over Al Jefferson.  Then again we know coaches are not the best judges of ability.  They awarded […]

2008-09 Game 46: Denver Nuggets 81 – New Orleans Hornets 94

Box Score | Highlights Wow, am I embarrassed to be a Nuggets fan after that big turd they dumped on the city of New Orleans in the fourth quarter.  I cannot communicate how frustrated I am at that performance without using words that I do my best not to utilize.  I guess the best way […]

2008-09 Game 46: Denver Nuggets at New Orleans Hornets Game Thread

Hey look everyone my ESPN colleague John Hollinger agreed to put together the game preview for today.  OK, Hollinger has no idea who I am, but you should check out his Per Diem article for today to get all the key elements of tonight’s matchup between the Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Hornets. Hollinger is very […]

2008-09 Game 45: Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies Game Thread

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the midst of a league worst nine game losing streak.  Even the Washington Wizards only have a three game losing streak.  They will have their third head coach in their last four games as Johnny Davis filled in for two games while newly hired head coach Lionel Hollins could psyche […]

Offday Offerings – When a Surprise is not a Surprise

The Nuggets are flying high right now after downing the Utah Jazz, but no one is higher than Nene today.  Both Denver papers have hey, look at how well Nene is playing stories (the Rocky version by Dave Krieger can be found here and for the Post version by Mark Kiszla click here). Apparently no one […]

More Thoughts from the Thrashing of the Jazz

Additional Game 44 Nuggets   J.R. Smith set the tone for the game right off the bat as he attacked the rim over and over.  Both in transition and off of a diagonal screen and roll where J.R. would receive the ball well beyond the three point line on the left side and get a […]

2008-09 Game 44: Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz Game Thread

Once again the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz face off with both teams missing an all-star.  Carmelo Anthony will miss his eighth straight game for the Nuggets and Carlos Boozer will miss his 32nd straight game for the Jazz. Paul Millsap has put up huge numbers in Boozer’s absence putting up over 18 points and […]

Did George Karl Really Say That? AKA the Post About Man to Man Defense with Zone Principles

As a Denver Nuggets blogger I realize that I will probably not get a lot of Nuggets fans bookmarking my blog and coming back for more if I make a habit of defending George Karl.  Nevertheless, I think he is being unfairly skewered by fans for some comments he made to the Denver Post.  And […]

2008-09 Game 43: Denver Nuggets 118 – Sacramento Kings 99

Box Score | Highlights Tell me you weren’t freaked out when the Kings were up 34-24 early in the second quarter.  Denver was coming off of a very frustrating loss the day before and they looked flat and disinterested.  I kept thinking to myself that they could not let Houston beat them twice.  I wish […]

2008-09 Game 43: Denver Nuggets vs Sacramento Kings Game Thread

After six straight games against playoff caliber teams Denver gets to face a team that will definitely not be in the playoffs.  However, do not be fooled.  Teams like Oklahoma City, Minnesota and Sacramento are really showing some spunk and Denver cannot afford to come into tonight’s matchup against the Kings with the expectation that […]

2008-09 Game 42: Denver Nuggets 113 – Houston Rockets 115

Box Score | Highlights Things in my home that nearly met their demise over the last couple of minutes of the game between the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets: My shoe that I spiked on the floor The wall my shoe hit The light that my shoe almost hit after it bounced off the wall […]