Welcome to the Roundball Mining Company!

Welcome to the Roundball Mining Company!  This blog is dedicated to the Denver Nuggets and while it may be new to you, most likely I am not.  My name is Jeremy and I have been running the popular Nuggets blog Pickaxe and Roll for the previous year.  If you are moving over here with me from Pickaxe and Roll you will notice that the layout and technology is not quite as cool, but I promise you will still receive the same (hopefully) great content and analysis.  While the move may not make sense immediately, I trust in the next month or so it will.

Apart from the regular insightful posts that you are all used to there are three sections for you to enjoy.  The first section is the Denver Nuggets Film Room.  I have put together several videos over the previous year and you can watch them all, from game breakdowns to individual scouting reports to highlights, in the film room.

The second section is the player by player Denver Nuggets Scouting Report.  The abilities and tendencies of every Nuggets’ player is spelled out here in the most comprehensive scouting reports for the Nuggets players available on the internet, at least to those of us who are not on an NBA coaching staff.

Finally, we have the Fan Blog page.  At Pickaxe and Roll we had the capability for anyone who was a member to post their own thoughts for everyone else to enjoy.  Here it is nowhere near as slick, but if you go to the Fan Blog page and post a comment, whether it is text, video, a link, a picture or all four combined, it will eventually turn into a post of its’ own (once I manually transform it) for everyone to read.  It may not be instantaneous, but you can all still share your thoughts with as much, or as little, detail as you would like.

I have set Roundball Mining Company up so that in order to comment you will need to sign up and I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think it makes for a better community when we all know who we are dealing with so sign up and lets kick things off here at the Roundball Mining Company where we are leaving off at Pickaxe and Roll.

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  • Nuggets4

    Great stuff as always Jeremy. Love the advanced stats as well. My bookmarks have been updated.

  • Kay

    I hope you know everyone is going to move here with you.
    Anyway, this new layout will take getting used to but I hope to read the same great things from you.

  • Josh Hopp

    Best of luck with this (somewhat bewildering) move Jeremy. Intruiged as to the reasons behind it but trust the quality of the blog will not suffer.

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com jeremy

    Hey Josh Hopp, the move will make sense in about a month or so. Thanks for sticking with me.