Deja Vu Buzzer Beater

After Carmelo Anthony hit that great game winner in Oklahoma City last night Chris Marlowe referenced that this was not the first time Melo hit a game winner from the left corner.  I was thinking about this shot as soon as Melo caught the ball in the left corner.  At the 1:22 mark of this YouTube clip you will see Melo drain a game winning three pointer in Minnesota from February 24, 2006.  It was almost exactly the same shot.  

I say almost exactly the same shot because I think the shot against Minnesota was tougher as Trenton Hassell was really crowding him and there was an assistant coach standing right behind him.  You can see a picture of it on this wallpaper (top left inset) that the Nuggets used to offer on their website.  Not only was he crowded by Hassell, but there was a Timberwolves assistant coach standing right behind him.

Melo made a hoard of game winning shots in his rookie season and Nuggets fans everywhere proclaimed him as the most clutch player in the NBA.  Over the previous few seasons Melo has watched players like Chucky Atkins (against Houston), Anthony Carter (against the Spurs), Linas Kleiza (at Sacramento) and Allen Iverson (at Portland) take and make game winning shots and some of us began to wonder if Melo was losing his late game mojo.  If his mojo was running low, tonight sure brought some of it back.

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