Denver Nuggets on the Cusp of an Amazing Accomplishment

The Denver Nuggets have made yet another salary dump trade with the Los Angeles Clippers and once again they may have acquired a second round pick as part of the deal. 

That is right, the Nuggets have shipped Cheikh Samb off to the Clippers along with some cash in exchange for a conditional second round pick.  This trade in and of itself does not get the Nuggets under the luxury tax, but it makes it possible to trade a player such as say, Chucky Atkins to do so. 

The Nuggets were roughly $900,000 over the luxury tax threshold and now that they have reduced that amount by $711,517.  Denver no longer needs to package two players and convince a team to take on significant additional salary.   All they need is to send out around $200,000 more than they take back in salary and they can accomplish that by trading any single player other than Sonny Weems.  There is no doubt in my mind that they will pull off a trade to do so before the February 19th trade deadline. 

What the Nuggets front office is on the verge of accomplishing is not something that will make fans stand up and cheer and no one will be writing blog post 20 years commemorating how the Nuggets dropped $15 million in salary obligations in less than one season it is an impressive accomplishment.  

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  • Josh Hopp

    Is the conditional 2nd round pick the same deal as what we got for Camby? Do you know how much cash we had to send with Samb?

  • jeremy

    In this situation the conditional could mean two things. One option is the pick is based on playing time or his making the team in the future. Something along the lines of the Nuggets get the Clippers 2010 second round pick if Samb is on the active roster in 2009-10, but if he does not make the team the Nuggets get nothing. The other potential option for the condition is what season the pick will be transferred.

    As far as the cash, I bet Denver paid for the remainder of Samb’s salary this season.

  • CCH

    Is this a piece to trade for David Lee somehow?

    Check number 9 on that link.

  • Josh Hopp

    David Lee would be a dream but unlikely. Nick Collison would be a servicable alternative. Joe Smith has been mentioned but I really don’t think he sits right with us at all.