Film Room – Denver Nuggets Weak Second Half Offense

With Carmelo Anthony out for three to four weeks the Denver Nuggets are going to have to pay a little more attention to detail on offense in order to earn good shots.  So far they have done a very good job in the first halves of their two games they have played without Melo.  However, in the second half of those two games they have stopped moving without the ball and attacking the rim.  They begin settling for outside jumpers and as a result their production really falls off.  They got away with it against the Miami Heat, but the Nuggets basically handed the Detroit Pistons a win due to their poor second half execution.

For my very first Film Room segment  at RMC I have compiled some clips from both halves of the Detroit game to show the stark contrast between how the Nuggets have played offense in the first half compared to the second half.

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  • Josh Hopp

    Its uncanny how good things just happen when you move the basketball or get the ball inside or both. When the Nuggets are faced with a cloe game after leading for most of it, particularly in a game they are favoured to win, they have a tendancy to take contested/unecessary 3s or ill advised midranged shots as a remedy to their impending panic. It is enough to make you throw stuff around your room. More than enough in fact, I have broken the end off my desk at school earlier this season and sprained my wrist in the process. Infuriating.

  • BeefySwats

    Wow, what a contrast.

    In the first half, multiple people are moving through the paint at the same time, spreading the defense and creating lanes.

    In the second half, almost everyone is standing on the perimeter and not doing anything as the shot clock ticks down to 12 or 10 seconds, forcing the Nuggets to hurry and execute poorly.

    The only explanation that I can think of for such a stark drop off in movement without the ball is due to fatigue – but that doesn’t make any sense either, considering they were coming off a day of rest for this game.

    The way the Pistons shot, the Nuggets should have won this one. They had their opportunities but the execution down the stretch hurt. While you cannot lay everything on him, I think that is a reflection more on Chauncey’s inability to help get his team moving again. It hurts to watch such a premier PG fall into the same trap that the rest of the Nuggets do without stepping up and telling them that they need to move again.

  • CCH

    How much of this can we contribute to the fact that the George Karl instills no real offensive plays?