J.R. Smith and His Elbow

I did not really want to post this and make too big of a deal out of it, but thanks to Mark Cuban’s histrionics after the game last night Cuban’s crusade to get J.R. in trouble with the league has been well documented.  Just so everyone knows what Cuban is talking about here is the clip.

As I said during the video, I am not sure J.R. intended to actually hit Wright.  They were close enough that I would think J.R. could have made contact if he intended to.  Of course, he had a horrible shooting night and maybe his poor shooting spread to the point where he was inaccurate with his elbow too.

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  • CCH

    Im just really glad Karl is sticking up for JR for once. Heres some new quotes from karl vs Cuban :
    “He [Smith] is going to get suspended,” Cuban said.

    In Denver, however, Karl told reporters that it was “a lot of …”

    Karl said the play was “something that happens almost every game. There was no contact. It wasn’t even close.”
    Cuban said it does not matter.

    “Throwing an elbow is no different than throwing a punch,” Cuban said. “In fact, it can be more deadly. The league has always said it’s about the intent. You can’t throw an elbow.”

    Karl was also upset about Cuban saying something to Smith. But Cuban said he was merely on the court in front of the bench at halftime and Smith came over.

    “Stay away from my players,” Karl said. “Stay off the court. Don’t get involved. Don’t tell me you’ve done it before. If you’ve done it before, it was wrong before and it’s wrong now.”

    Taken from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  • jakester

    An owner intentionally trying to affect the outcome of a game by trying to get in a player’s head. An *owner*!! It seems so asinine to me. Man, talk about castrating your head coach. Part of mr feels like he’s so proud he was able to notice something on the court that nobody else did, and I trying to impress the world with his basketball acumen. Like when I’m watching a game with friends and shout out “ILLEGAL D!!!!!”. Only I don’t get to taunt players with my less than profound observation, nor does anyone in the press ask me about it afterwards.