Signs That You May Be A Spoiled Fan

Your favorite NBA team is only a single solitary game out of the playoffs in a very strong conference despite the fact your two best players have missed a combined 47 games and counting and you respond with this and this.

I cannot say I am not enjoying it though.

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  • Jordo5150

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Utah has the worst fans in the NBA, it has just been masked by them having a good team for so long. The only thing the wheels are falling off of is the Utah Jazz bandwagon.

  • Basketball John

    I don’t think our reaction is that much different than any other fans would be if their team had had a season like the Jazz.

  • jeremy

    I can understand the wheels coming off post, I actually thought that was kind of funny, but the letter about giving the Jazz up was way over the top. Most NBA fans would kill to cheer for a team like the Jazz who have a great head coach, plenty of talent and play as a team.

  • Josh Hopp

    Wow, THE basketball John? Cool. Honestly though, Portland fans piss me off way more. All season they have acted like they have the god-given right to a division and NBA title and won’t shut up about all their young talent and (rapidly evaporating) cap space. Also, everything is always the refs fault with them. I would much rather lose the NW to our previous overlords the Jazz than the pretentious, whiney fans of rip city.

    Good shooting guard though.