2008-09 Game 47: Denver Nuggets vs Charlotte Bobcats Game Thread

Month end at work = pathetically un-insightful preview, but you guys are used to those.

Charlotte has been very respectable lately, even accomplishing something the Nuggets are incapable of doing and that is beating the Lakers at Staples Center.  However, Gerald Wallace suffered cracked ribs and a collapsed lung in that game.  Fortunately he was discharged from the hospital today.

However, the news is not Charlotte coming to town, but Carmelo Anthony returning to the court for the first time since January fifth.  Melo apparently has been working out (he looks pretty svelte in this picture) and reports are his shot is looking as good as ever.  We will see tonight.

Update:  One more quick note.  With the return of Melo J.R. goes back to the bench, and hopefully that means that J.R. can soak up some of Dahntay Jones’ minutes.  Adding Melo and reducing how much Jones we get should be a pretty good recipe for improvement.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

Previous Matchup:  Game 7 – Den 88 Cha 80

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  • Josh Hopp

    Amazing the different career trajectories of one NCAA freshman scoring champion (Melo) compared to the other one (A-Mo).

  • Josh Hopp

    That’s the first double dribble I’ve seen in the NBA for a long time

  • markph

    uh-oh 3rd quarter has arrived. Hold on.

  • Josh Hopp

    K-Mart for 3. Let’s win this quarter.

  • jakester

    Was at the game tonight, first one in Denver in years. Memo was player of the game but from what I could tell it was a solid team effort, and he was one of the weaker players on the floor tonight. Just wasn’t in the flow if the offense. I as most impressed by martin, birdman, kleiza, nene, and AC, in that order. Also good to see balkman get a few minutes & baskets. Yet again, another win against a sub-500 team. We dominated inside and made just enough jumpers to keep it out of close range. #7 still needs to find his range, if we want to win in the playoffs

  • Robin Z

    I’m not sure why you’re always so critical of Jones. He’s a solid defender, actually the best perimeter defender that is on the Nuggets. The game isn’t all about putting the ball in the hoop, otherwise we’d still have AI on the squad.

  • Othe33

    Dahntay is a significant upgrade in the mold of the Greg Buckner/Diawara defensive guard spot. He’s athletically light years ahead of either of those guys, and seems to display a toughness they both lack. Physically he is a shorter Kmart. He may not bring the range of his predecessors, but as long as he plays within himself offensively I think he’s a big reason the Nuggets defense is improved this season.

    Ideally, of course, J.R. would fill that role himself and earn those extra minutes.

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com jeremy

    My biggest criticism of Dahntay is that he is so inept on offense that whatever defensive boost he gives them is not significant enough to grant him so many minutes. I think he is a little overrated defensively as well, especially when it comes to team defense. The Nuggets have a better defensive efficiency with Jones on the bench than on the court. Of course that statistic is not perfect, but I think it is difficult to argue that he is that much of a defensive difference maker. Especially when you consider that using the same statistic Denver is significantly better defensively with J.R. on the court than off.

    As far as his tough guy shtick, I can do without seeing a guy who has accomplished next to nothing as an NBA player walk around with his chest puffed out.

    Comparing him to Diawara and Buckner only shows what kind of incompetent players the Nuggets have had in this role.

    I do appreciate how hard he plays and he is a tough one on one defender, but like Othe33 said, ideally J.R. would get those minutes.