2008-09 Game 47: Denver Nuggets 110 – Charlotte Bobcats 99

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Welcome back Carmelo Anthony!  If last night’s game was just a regular game for Melo I would have thought he did very well.  Add in the fact that it was his first game back from a fractured hand and that makes his performance even better. 

You could have found more rust on Stan Kronke’s money clip than on Carmelo’s game.

Melo did a good job mixing up his offense.  He started with jumpers and then moved on to attacking the rim.  He made a couple of nice drives both to the left and the right for easy scores.  His jumper looked solid even though he went only 2 on shots outside the paint.  He also passed the ball pretty well finishing with five assists highlighted by a touch pass into Nene who was diving through the lane to the rim.  Melo also had a good showing from the free throw line as he made 9 of 11 attempts.

If Melo did display any rust it was handling the ball.  He was called for two palming violations, which I do not expect to see many more of in the future, on his way to five turnovers.  He also only pulled down two rebounds, but that did not seem to be related to any attempt to avoid contact.  He was in the lane when he needed to be. 

The truly good news was I did not ever see him rubbing his hand at all.  He did have his fingers retaped at one point, but it did not appear to be due to any pain or physical issues.

As far as the rest of the team, they certainly did what we all expected of them.  They jumped out early after forcing six turnovers in the first 4:36.  In fact Charlotte only led for 34 seconds.  Denver pushed the lead up to ten points at 34-24 with 8:50 left in the second quarter and Charlotte never got closer than the final margin of 11 the rest of the night.  It really was a smooth game.  The only run Charlotte made was in the first quarter when they fought back to get within one late in the first quarter.

Denver came out of this game healthy and confident.  That is about all we can ask for.

Additional Game 47 Nuggets

  • Nene almost put up another perfect night from the floor.  The only shot he missed was his ninth attempt, a layup under pressure that barely rimmed out, on his way to shooting 10 for 11 and totaling 22 points.  Dating back to the Sacramento game Nene has made 23 of his last 24 shots at the Pepsi Center.
  • Alexis Ajinca is the skinniest person I have ever seen.  He makes Calista Flockhart look like a rhinoceros.  I think he bones may be hollow like a bird’s.
  • Through the end of the third quarter the score did not seem to be as one sided as the game had been.  You would have thought that Denver had a 25 point lead for most of the night, but they never pushed their lead up to 20 until the fourth.  Charlotte was within 12 or 13 points on a handful of occasions in the third quarter, but it never felt like they were a threat to get any closer.
  • This is only the second time in the five year history of the Bobcats that the Nuggets swept the two game season series.  The other time the Nuggets swept Charlotte was the 2005-06 season.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  91.1 – Somewhat slow for a game at the Pepsi Center.  Entering the game the Nuggets had a pace factor of 95.2 at home.  Charlotte is third to last in the league in pace factor though.

Defensive Efficiency:  108.7 – Charlotte stopped turning the ball over and Denver let up a bit in the second half. 

Offensive Efficiency:  120.8 – The last time Denver cracked the 120 mark in offensive efficiency was the Pacers game, which as you know was the last game Melo played in.

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  • NuggetsandRockiesGirl

    I was at the Nuggets/Bobcats game Friday and agree with this assessment completely! The game pace was a little slow, but the Nuggets came out confidently. Nene was amazing and LK was really hitting it from the 3 pt. line during one stretch of the game. Having Melo back was definately a lift to the team. I thought he played very well for his first game back since he still has some tenderness in his hand. As a sidenote, one really amusing thing was when they showed a “GO BOBCATS” sign on the jumbotron that someone in the 3rd deck was holding, so Rocky decided to climb his way up to third deck to personally dispose of it! And when I say he climbed, I do indeed mean that he literally hoisted himself up to the top! It really added to the atmosphere…a fun win that wasn’t really a blowout, but that we dominated comfortably. Also, was a sighting of the mythical creature, Renalo Balkman, which also brings me much joy. Seeing the team in person really made me think about how important each player is in their own way to the team in making a good playoff run. It is so nice to see K-mart, Nene, Melo etc. all out there and healthy for the most part…and the Nuggets really playing team ball. Looking forward to the next Nuggets game on Tuesday and to hearing more from the fellow Nuggs fans here!

  • Josh Hopp

    I have been quietly relieved by the fact that Alexis Ajinca has turned out to be a bit of a flop so far. Don’t get me wrong, I wish the kid the best, but since the Cats got that draft pick from us I would have hated to see him turn into 20-10 early on.