2008-09 Game 50: Denver Nuggets at Washington Wizards Game Thread

Let’s play a little game.  The game is called “Things ESPN would rather show than the Nuggets/Wizards game.”

  • “3” an ESPN original movie
  • Video of the AFC offensive linemen laying out on a beach in Hawaii wearing Speedos while they “prepare” for the Pro Bowl
  • A PTI marathon
  • Highlights from the 1996 European Biathlon Olympic Qualifying Trials
  • Kobe Bryant standing in his bathroom staring at a picture of LeBron James Rocky IV style
  • Kevin Garnett getting in the face of the checkout counter clerk who accidentally rang up his Fruity Pebbles twice
  •  Peyton and Eli Manning taking a nap together
  • A test pattern

At least there is one thing they would never show over the Nuggets/Wizards game and that is any Utah Jazz game.

In all seriousness I feel really bad for the Wizards.  Gilbert Arenas is doing all he can to avoid playing this season.  They replaced a highly competent coach with one who is much less so.  Andray Blatche is hurt and now Caron Butler is probably going to miss his second straight game with the flu.  Look at the Wizards projected starting lineup and tell me Denver should not win this by 25 (although I still think Javaris Crittenton has the ability to be a good NBA player).

News from the Chris Tomasson at the News is Kenyon Martin is going to play and Chauncey participation will be determined just prior to the game.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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  • Kay

    The first game I can watch in forever and its against the Wizard. Ugh

  • Robin Z

    Gilbert Arenas…100M+ well spent? We think we have it bad with K-Mart???? Wizards fans are wishing they could trade with us…Wait, that’s right, there are no Wizards fans.

  • Robin Z

    By the way, I’d be totally excited to see a PTI marathon.