2008-09 Game 51: Denver Nuggets at New Jersey Nets Game Thread

I will not be back from the beautiful mountains of Colorado in time tomorrow to put together a preview for the Nuggets/Nets game.  Here is your game thread so comment away Nuggets fans.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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  • jakester

    This will be one of our tougher tests against losing teams, I think. 20-0 since Billiups’ arrival is in jeopardy, as the Nets are on a three-game win streak and it is the second in a back-to-back. Fortunately we have a full complement of players today, and pretty rested players at that. We’ve done a great job at banking these win, which I think is fantastic. Portland lost to OKC last night, Orlando lost to Indiana – and it’s the only reason we’re tied for 2nd place in the conference. Particularly given the rough stretch we have coming up after the break, each of these wins is critical. In our final 32 games, we’ve got 16 against losing teams. If we can somehow keep our streak going, that’s a minimum of 50 wins, with an extremely good shot at 55. 55, I think, gives us a real shot at the #2 seed in the conference. So in a way, each of these “bad” opponents matters as much as our games against the good ones.

  • toasterbum

    Gotta love looking at the box score from last night. Anytime we go +40 with KMart on the floor and Dahntay Jones goes 8-10 from the field, I feel better about not watching the whole game.

    As the trade deadline approaches, do the Nuggets make any moves?

  • markph

    can any one find the net tonight

  • markph

    miss miss miss

  • NuggetsandRockiesGirl

    Carter from the Nets needs to be flattened.

  • markph

    Fucking Ugly AKA Fugly

  • NuggetsandRockiesGirl

    Ugh such a frustrating half…3 technicals worth…shots not going in and Nets hands on/in everything with nothing being called.

  • markph

    Just God awful Ugly

  • Lethalturnip

    flat out embarrasing. I think we were too confident after playing the wizards. I always fear the game after beating a crap team.

  • NuggetsandRockiesGirl

    Worst game of the year…our worst deal and them pouring it on:
    She ain’t got no alibi
    she ugly, she ugly,
    she ain’t got no alibi
    she ugly,
    M, she’s major ugly,
    O, she’s fat and pugly,
    O, my god no,
    the cow says moo…
    pretty much sums it up

  • markph

    The worst game put out in over 2 maybe 3 years.
    All players sucked but there was something about AC that was really pathetic.

  • Lethalturnip

    you know what GK said after the wiz game…I think he had this in mind. I can hear wizard fans laughing already.

  • sdchlr

    How can you score 70 points in a modern NBA game? Sad face

  • Josh Hopp

    What an embarrasing travesty! How on earth can that happen? Thank heavens I didn’t watch the game. I pray that the guys were dead tired and will bounce back without taking too hard a psychological hit from this unprecedented spanking.