Belated Offday Offerings – Improving All-Star Weekend

It may not be an off day, but I meant to post most of this yesterday.  If I wait any longer they will be both irrelevant and uninteresting. 

All-Star Weekend

The NBA has announced that Horse will be added to the events of All-Star weekend and the competition will be held on an outdoor court that is built into the TNT set.  Today we found out that thanks to the wonders of corporate sponsorships whoever is involved will be playing GEICO instead of Horse.

That makes it even more special.

Those of us at the ESPN/TrueHoop network worked up our own ideas for how to make All-Star weekend better.  Check out our great ideas over at The Two Man Game.

WizzNutzz has come up with their own entertaining list of improvements as well .

One last theory on the Spurs JV game

One last interesting view point on Gregg Popovich’s decision to sit Duncan, Parker and Ginobili (he also sat Michael Finley who I am sure is developing some kind of complex because no one has really cared that he was held out) is Pop was pissed at the NBA over the Spurs schedule.  Both Jason Kosmicki of the Altitude Radio Network and Matt Steinmetz, the Warriors’ television color commentator, mentioned how the Spurs had to travel east, thus losing an hour, and having to take a two hour long flight (which they both argued is longer than usual to travel for a back to back game) in order to play in the “high altitude” of Denver, Colorado.  I do not have a link because these were arguments I heard over the airwaves so you will just have to trust me.

I am not sure if there is anything to that, but it is an interesting view point. 

By the way, my “ESPN colleague” John Hollinger agreed that Pop may have been playing some head games in that should the two teams face off in the playoffs both of them will remember that the one game Duncan, Parker and Ginobili all played the Spurs trounced the Nuggets and Denver will have the memory in their domes of the night they barely beat the Spurs without those three at the Pepsi Center.

Is Melo really clutch, kind of clutch or just lucky?

After his game winning shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder Carmelo Anthony is shooting 10 for 17, which computes to 58.8%, on shots that would put the Nuggets ahead in the final ten seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime.  Since entering the league only one player with at least ten attempts is even shooting 50% and that is David West (6 for 12).

If you take a look at the clutch stats on (compiled during the last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime and neither team ahead by more than five) Melo has the third highest points per 48 minutes average in the league.  Kobe is first at 57.3, LeBron is second at 57.0 and Melo is third at 54.7.  These change quickly and Melo was actually at the top of the list a few days ago.  Other numbers in Melo’s favor are shooting percentage (Kobe – 49.2%, LeBron – 51.3%, Melo – 59.4%!) and three point shooting percentage (LeBron – 36.4%, Kobe – 50.0%, Melo – 66.7%).

Stat heads claim that there is no such thing as clutch, but Melo has put together a pretty decent track record of rising to the moment so far in his career.

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  • Stumbleweed

    The best part about those clutch stats is that Melo and LeBron have played the exact same number of games and minutes in “clutch time”, making comparisons easy. Obviously LeBron isn’t the shooter that Melo is, but it’s kind of astounding to see how truly good Melo is in these situations. 59.4% from the field and 66.7% from 3PT is insane considering that he takes a lot of those shots.

    For what it’s worth, JR is also pretty darn clutch, but only from deep. Only Quentin Richardson, Mike Dunleavey, and Flip Murray (???) take and make more 3PTers per 48 mins in clutch situations than JR. He’s 50% from out there and his +27 in clutch time is 12th-best in the league. Not bad for a guy that George often takes out in the final 2 minutes for ANTHONY CARTER.