How to Become a NBA General Manager

I think all of us who love sports have always dreamed of running our own team.  That is why fantasy sports are so popular.  We all want to prove that we can do it.  We can take a list of all the available players and piece together a roster that is better than the roster any of our opponents can construct. 

If you have a dream to be an NBA GM a good place to start would be this Basketball GM and Scouting course (hat tip to Henry at TrueHoop for the link) from an organization called Sports Management Worldwide.  The course is an eight week online experience that is team taught by a group of individuals who are involved in the NBA.

One of those individuals is none other than Denver Nuggets VP of Basketball Operations Mark Warkentien.  Another member of the “faculty” is the author of “Basketball on Paper” and current Statistical Analyst and Scout for the Denver Nuggets Dean Oliver (his official title on the Nuggets staff directory is Director of Quantitative Analysys).  The other interesting name on the list of faculty is none other than’s Chad Ford.    

When I discover this my first thought is I need to get involved in this course for nothing but the chance to have access to some members of the Nuggets front office.  Then I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw that the course costs $1,450.

Needless to say I do not have a spare $1,450 sitting around.  That means the only way I will be signing up for this course is through the charity of others so contact me by email and I will let you know where to send you check or money order to. 

Chauncey on Pardon the Interruption

Chauncey appeared on PTI when the Nuggets were in DC and gave a pretty interesting Interview.  Watch the clip to find out how many titles the Pistons would have won if Joe Dumars had drafted Melo instead of Darko Milicic and how much Chauncey likes Carmleo (hat tip to Andrew at Denver Stiffs for the link).

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  • Josh Hopp

    Carmelo on the Pistons from 2003 onwards is terrifying stuff. That’s why good teams shouldn’t get lottery picks.