J.R. Smith to Dunk This Weekend

As many of you may have heard already, J.R. Smith has been inserted into the lineup for the dunk contest to replace the injured Rudy Gay.  J.R. participated in the 2005 contest in Denver as a member of the New Orleans Hornets and I remember he threw down an impressive behind the back dunk that did not get as high of a score as I thought it deserved.  

Dwight Howard will be tough to beat, but if the judges do not appreciate what he does, like two years ago, I think J.R. will be in position to pull off the win. We have seen Nate Robinson’s shtick and Rudy Fernandez is an “in game dunker” and needs an unsuspecting center as a prop in order to do anything impressive.

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  • Missing Lynx

    Heres how the competition is going to go:

    1st Round:
    Rudy Fernandez: Follows a mediocre dunk with an impressive alley-oop jam from Sergio Rodriguez. You know its coming.

    Dwight Howard: Opens it up with something good, but not incredible. Has an impressive 2nd dunk, enough to get him in the 2nd round.

    Nate Robinson: Has a few decent dunks, but we’ve already seen his best. He can’t pull off that much that is new, because he doesn’t have the height/versatility to pull a lot of things off.

    J.R.: Comes out of the gates with an impressive 1st attempt (something he was saving for the 2nd round in 2005) and a solid 2nd dunk

    2nd round:

    Dwight Howard: a few more impressive dunks, does something with a crazy prop that no one would have thought of.

    J.R.: After a surprisingly strong 3rd dunk, his 4th isn’t able to cut it.

    Winner: Dwight Howard

    However, I would like to see J.R. try to dunk with Chris Andersen trying to block his shot. That would be truly impressive, and I don’t know why no one has tried that in the dunk contest before.

  • DurangoNuggsFan

    Sweet dunk by JR. I hope he has plenty more where that came from. Can’t wait to watch!