Offday Offerings – Condolences to the Rocky Mountain News

The Rocky Mountain News has announced that after publishing the Friday edition on February 27 the newspaper will no longer be published.  The writing has been on the wall for some time now, but it is still a sad day.  My heart goes out to those who are being put out of a job during a very difficult time to find work.  There is also a significant historical impact as the News was about to celebrate its 150th anniversary.  Denver is losing a local institution. 

I will leave it to others who are much more qualified than I am to write the eulogy, but apart from the human toll taken by the closing on a much more superficial level as a Nuggets fan and blogger this is terrible news.  One of the great things about quality blogs is that they augment the coverage provided by the local beat writers and commentators.  After tomorrow that foundation that we build on will be significanlty decreased. 

The coverage the Nuggets receive will no longer include the work of the very capable and insightful duo of Chris Tomasson and Aaraon Lopez.  Benjamin Hochman at the Denver Post does a very good job and I think most of his opinions and his coverage are right on, but the features and commentary is going to take a big hit.  While the Post will still provide the breaking news we all long for the narrative will be left lacking.

Again, I do not want to come across as insensitive.  The true story here is the fact that Denver is losing a huge portion of its identity and there are people whose lives are in upheaval because of it.  Making it more personal to those of us who are consumers of what the paper provided there is no doubt this will decrease the amount of coverage and insight we receive as fans of the Nuggets (or Broncos, Rockies, Avalanche as well as high school sports). 

I cannot imagine the shock and disappointment that those who are affected by this news are going through and I pray they will all be able to transition to the next stage of their lives as seamlessly as possible.

Altitude too?

I have one more economic note I have been waiting to throw out so this seems like an appropriate place.  Has anyone else noticed the decrease in commercials during breaks in Nuggets games? 

I first noticed this during the Bulls game last week when they frequently seemed to come back from commercial very quickly.  The standard timeout used to contain four commercials and then sometimes an NBA or team promo.  Lately they are down to three and sometimes only two commercials before a team or NBA promo and then they also include a brief spot from the sideline reporter or some commentary by the announcers to fill the additional time that used to be filled by commercials. 

If Altitude has seen a reduction in their paid commercials during Nuggets games by 25% or more that is significant.  Considering their programming other than the Nuggets and Avalanche is less than enthralling I wonder how viable Altitude is going forward if their big moneymakers are bringing in reduced revenue.  If ALtitude is struggling you also have to wonder about Fox Sports Rocky Mountain as well.  Fox Sports Rocky Mountain only has the Rockies, who appear to be entering another dark age, plus some lesser college and high school sports.  As with Altitude the programming when there is not a game on leaves much to be desired. 

How far away might we be from one of those two stations going away?

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  • Montague


    The irony is delicious. The eulogy for a newspaper coming from the medium responsible for destroying it.

    Smells like victory.

  • FiftyNinjas

    Absolutely could not care less. The Rocky Mountain News was a waste of time, and effort.

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