2008-09 Game 59: Denver Nuggets 90 – Los Angeles Lakers 79

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Will you all forgive me?  As I am sure most of you know I said repeatedly that the Denver Nuggets had no chance to win this game.  Turns out they had a slight chance.  The only person I did see who said that the Nuggets would win this game was Nate over at my old stomping grounds Pickaxe and Roll. 

I was right about one thing though.  I said if Denver did somehow pull this one out it would be all about their defense.  Well, Denver played some of their best defense of the season holding the Lakers to 29.8% shooting and a season low 79 points.  Both teams combined to shoot 5-42 from behind the arc and the second half was flat out ugly as the two teams combined to shoot 27-84, which equates to 32.1%.

So after three such terrible defensive games how on earth did they manage to turn things around?  As I think I wrote somewhere the issue was as much mental as physical.  Great defensive teams know how who is supposed to be where at all times.  They are a step ahead of the offense.  Tonight he Nuggets played that style of defense.

They hounded Kobe all over the floor, but they did not ignore the other members of the team.  Los Angeles had very few open shots and I do not recall any uncontested shots under the basket.  It may have been the most consistently strong defense from start to finish of any single game this season.  Even when they had nights as they did against Orlando, the Magic missed a lot of open shots.  That is not to say the Lakers did not miss a few here and there to, but most of their 66 misses came as a result of being challenged. 

Kobe traditionally torches the Nuggets, but not tonight.  Dahntay Jones, J.R. Smith and Carmelo deserve a lot of credit for pressuring Kobe into mostly jumpers.  Kobe only got into the lane on five or six occasions.  Almost all of his shots came from 16 feet out or further and he ended up shooting 10-31.  He did score 29 points, but it was a very quiet 29, but more importantly a very inefficient 29. 

Dahntay Jones held Kobe to 2-11 shooting plus 5-6 from the line.  He was very physical drawing a double technical on the two of them early in the game. 

I thought J.R. Smith played perhaps the best defense of his career tonight.  Kobe shot 4-13 against him and did not get to the line on J.R.

Kobe experienced one hot streak and it was when Carmelo was covering him.  Kobe made four of his five shots against Melo and I thought the comment by Scott Hastings that Kobe’s competitive fire was stoked by Melo trying to get up in his business. 

Kobe went 1-1 from the field against Chauncey, but 0-2 from the line and he shot 0-1 against Kenyon. 

In the past the primary defender on Kobe whenever he was in the game was Anthony Carter.  Carter only found himself on Kobe a few possessions and Kobe did not attempt a shot against him, but he did get to the line twice making three of four free throw attempts. 

(I missed a free throw in there that he made instead of missed, but I am not going to go through the game again to figure out which one it was.)

Another key to the game was that the Lakers did not run very much pick and roll action and when they did the screener rarely rolled.  D.J. Mbenga was the only screener who would roll after every ball screen and needless to say they were not exactly looking for him.  The handful of times they did run the pick and roll the Nugget bigs did a good job of hedging and recovering. 

Instead of going through individual defensive possessions, you can all look for a film room segment to document the Nuggets effort on D.

Looking at the flow of the game itself Denver came out hoisting jumpers in the third quarter and they saw their six point halftime lead disappear quickly.  The final straw seemed to be when Dahntay Jones attempted an 18 footer with about 16 seconds left on the shot clock.  After that Chauncey started going to the basket and J.R. Smith came in soon after.  Billups got to the line and made a couple of baskets in the lane.  He also drained a three and that shot seemed to give the Nuggets the boost of confidence they needed.  He scored the first nine points of the third quarter and kept the Nuggets in the game. 

Denver was successful on offense when they were patient and worked the ball inside.  J.R. Smith did a great job of penetrating and either finishing or getting a teammate a good scoring opportunity.  He shot very poorly, and too often, from behind the arc, but the Lakers had no answer for him when he drove.  He finished the game having attempted a season high ten free throws and even though he only had two assists he made passes that got his teammates to the line at least three times. 

Even with the play of Chauncey and J.R. the player of the game was without a doubt Birdzilla.  Chris Andersen was incredibly active and had a good matchup in Pau Gasol.  He played very good man to man defense and was a big reason why the Lakers shot such a low percentage erasing seven shots on his own.  Birdman also did a good job of finishing around the rim and he has perfected the little dippity doo finish on the opposite side of the rim.  Perhaps the most impressive part of Birdman’s night is not only did he play the entire fourth quarter, he entered the game with 6:11 left in the third quarter and did not come out once after that.  Karl knew who was buttering his toast tonight.

This win helps erase some of the sting from the losses to the Bulls and Bucks and hopefully it gives the Nuggets some momentum heading into their quick roadie to Indianapolis and Detroit.  Plus I am sure they had my posts up on the whiteboard in the locker room before the game and took great pleasure in proving me wrong.  Congratulations to them, they deserve it.

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  • I have wondered and wondered how the Lakers could send guys like Vladimir Radmanovic and Luke Walton out to guard Carmelo and have such good success shutting him down.  Tonight I finally noticed why and it is so simple I am embarrassed that I did not notice it sooner.  Whoever is guarding Melo crowds him.  They basically body him up even when he faces up to the basket.  That takes away his midrange jumper unless he takes it immediately off the catch.  He also overplays to the baseline to keep Melo out of the lane and to funnel him to their help spots.  Hopefully other teams are not paying attention.
  • I think we may have received a preview of George Karl’s playoff rotation tonight.  Anthony Carter and Linas Kleiza played sparingly.  Kleiza played a season low tying 11 minutes and Carter played his fourth straight game of 18 minutes or less.  Birdman, continuing to earn more burn, played a season high 28 minutes. 
  • Before the game George Karl said he wanted to keep Nene’s minutes down to 20 to 25 and he did it.  I wondered why he did not play Nene in the third, but it turned out it was because he was saving him for the fourth.  Karl handled that situation well.
  • The Lakers bench was terrible tonight.  They accounted for seven points on 3-19 shooting. 
  • It was nice to see the return of the running game.  Denver had accumulated seven straight quarters without scoring a single fast break point starting with the second quarter of the Celtics debacle.  Tonight they ended up with 18 and did a good job of transitioning turnovers and long rebounds into scoring opportunities. 
  • Melo deserves credit for the way he has been hitting the glass lately.  He snagged 12 boards tonight and over his previous eight games has had fewer than eight rebounds only once.  Of course there were a lot of rebounds to go around tonight though.
  • The Lakers completely dominated the Nuggets on the offensive boards as they corralled 22 for the game.  Of course, when you miss that many shots you are going to get some of the misses, but that is no excuse.  The Lakers actually earned 22 more shots than the Nuggets took due to their ability to get the offensive boards.  Los Angeles is a good rebounding team as it is, but I think the Nuggets rotations may have caused them to get out of position to box out.  Of course there were also several instances where they were shot watching instead of locating their man to keep him off the boards.
  • In my pregame conglomeration of data I wrote that I did not think the fact that the Lakers played last night would have an effect on the game.  They noted on the telecast that Los Angeles did not get in until 4:00 AM.  Even though they did not have a strenuous game against Phoenix I think it is safe to say getting in that late may have caused a negative impact on their performance.
  • The crowd seemed to be a little too heavy with Lakers fans and also a little too apprehensive to get involved until it became clear the Nuggets would pull the game out.  How come the slow economy helps the visiting team get more fans in the building?  It is not like most Laker fans are doctors or attorneys.  I guess they only have to save up for two tickets a season.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  92.0 – Just a tad slower than the typical Nuggets home game.

Defensive Efficiency:  85.9 – Tied for the third best single game mark of the season, but this one was against the number one team in terms of offensive efficiency in the NBA.

Offensive Efficiency:  97.8 – Bad, but not atrocious.  Well, OK, it was kind of atrocious.

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  • BeefySwats

    Well, that was an unexpected and spirit-lifting win.

    And does Denver get any mention of beating the #1 team in the NBA in major sports outlets (ESPN)?

    Just a short video “Nuggets end Lakers 9 game streak against them”. Pfffft.

  • FiftyNinjas

    Glorious morning I awaken to thee, uplifted and spirited beyond my wildest dreams, for no more do we of the Rocky Mountain foothills stagger beneath the shadows of Goliaths! Oh we hear the naysayers, the whispers of the wicked, the slander of their leader “That was a garbage game, no doubt about it.”

    Phillip Douglas Jackson, I don’t believe you! You speak with a forked and jealous tongue.

    The days of subservience are over for while your beloved Buss, has exiled the reserves to places of questionable basketball moral (was snowboarding so heinous a crime that Vlad Radmanovic must be cast to the basketball purgatory of Larry Brown’s Charlotte?), Stan Kroenke has pledged, “All my possessions for a ring!!!”

    So gone is the crass creativity, as well as the expiring contact, of Allen Iverson, and his place you have given us the soft guidance of Mile High Hero Chauncey Billups. Who has done nothing but instill the traits of winning and team upon the youth.

    Here is the contract extension, and the confidence instilled, so apparent in the past, but now expunged, wholly from the souls of J.R. Smith, who has found his defensive heart, and Nene Hilario, who while most surely not made of iron, possesses the iron will of a champion.

    And Carmelo, how do I sing thine praises? Sure the wicked will point to your 4-of-12, and I will point back and say, “4-of-12 beats 10-of-31, every time. Just ask your fallen god of jumpshot, the crestfallen Kobe. And look, at the growing completeness of his box. Twelve boards, four assists, two blocks and two steals. Lebron? Most definitely not. But most assuredly, Carmelo est tu L’Magnifique!!!

    And last, but most definitely not least, is the relic of the bygone era of Bdzelik, our most beloved Birdman, who with seven emphatic denials has cast the longest shadow in the West!

    Chris Anderson, you are the rapids in the river and the clouds at sunset. You are the pulse upon which the entire heart of this team beats, and in the body of the Pepsi Center, there now beats the heart of a champion.

    Sure, Popovich may not hear it in the championship clattered press of Duncan and Ginobili. Yogi Jackson may not hear it amongst the praises of Pau, Lamar and Kobe. Boston hears nothing in the Mass of Marbury, while His Majesty, King James hosts his own court.

    No matter, you have vanquished them all, and now is the time to walk together as one, to that most silent tune, the Song of the Birdman, young Nuggets, and cast away thine failed playoff pasts.

    For the sun has arisen, AND CAGED BIRDS MUST FLY!!!

    (forgive me, for last night has not yet ended for me…)

  • Josh Hopp

    Love the poetry Fifty. Very nifty.

    And how perfectly Andersen has made up for the weak side blocks we lost with Camby. I am ashamed to say I was convinced the camby donation was am almighty mistake but in his place we have one of the best shot changing centers in Nene and off the bench an incredibly high energy shot blocker in Birdzilla. Happy days in Denver, even though I’ve never set foot in the place (end of the year hopefully).