2008-09 Game 60: Denver Nuggets 94 – Indiana Pacers 100

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You always wonder what a vagrant does with the quarter or dollar you give him.  Will he use it for food or for some green tea or will he use it for booze and mind altering substances?  Imagine a starving panhandler getting $50 bucks, but instead of buying food he spends $25 on a hooker and the other $25 on some yam-yam only to find out that the hooker was a transvestite and the opium was actually sawdust. 

That is exactly what the Nuggets pulled on us.  The win against the Lakers was like getting the $50.  Tonight’s loss to the Pacers was, well as the late Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the story.”

The Nuggets have now lost four straight games against teams who are currently under .500.  For some reason all the talk that every game is important seems to be just talk.  I think we all knew that there was going to be some let down after the way Denver played against the Lakers, but this type of drop off is just unacceptable.  I understand that there are nights where there is a lid on the basket, but effort and defense needs to be a constant.  I am not saying the Nuggets did not play hard or want to win, but they did not match the effort of the Pacers.

The Nuggets posted a decent defensive efficiency rating for the game and the Pacers only made 38.5% of their shots, but it was not a great defensive game by Denver.  They almost always had a breakdown that led to an open look for the Pacers.  One unpleasant surprise was the return of switching screens.  Indy ran some three man weave and Denver responded by switching.  The bigs also switched on down screens.  The Pacers had a set where they had Roy Hibbert set a down screen for Troy Murphy.  The Nuggets had Nene stay out to prevent Murphy from getting an open look from three, but that left the seriously outmatched Kenyon Martin on Hibbert who was just too big.

I understand why on paper it may make sense to switch in those situations, but I continue to believe it makes for a passive mindset.

The Nuggets now face three very difficult games and do not look now, but there is a decent chance their once apparently safe divisional lead could be all but whipped out by this time Friday night.  If the Nuggets have forgotten the importance of every game, they will soon be reminded of that fact.

Additional Game 60 Nuggets

  • I realize that no one was really playing well tonight, but why on earth was Linas Kleiza of all people on the floor for 12 of the final 13 minutes of the game?  Does his presence give them the best chance to win?
  • Apart from a minute and a half stretch towards the end of the third quarter where Chauncey Billups, J.R. Smith and Melo all hit jumpers and the Nuggets scored 13 points the offense was just pathetic.  The Nuggets offense has been faltering lately.
  • I think the last time Kenyon made a jumper I was shopping for Christmas presents, but God bless him, he won’t let that get in the way of him hoisting more of them up.
  • Nene was called for a five second violation and I think it might have been the first time I have ever seen that call made.  The players who necessitated such a rule have long since retired.  Anyway, the call was not Nene’s fault.  He had the ball in the post and the Pacers sent a soft double his way.  The other four Nuggets combined to move about a foot and a half as they all watched Nene wondering what he might do.
  • I do not want to think about this game anymore.  Then again, I do not want to look forward to the Detroit game either because bad things happen to the Nuggets in Detroit.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  95.6

Defensive Efficiency:  104.6

Offensive Efficiency:  98.4

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  • Josh Hopp

    The word unacceptable is absolutely spot on. There comes a time when a team’s schitzophrenic bumbling becomes too much as a fan you just think, “Enough, this ongoing bizzaire affront to my sensibilities and expectations has gone too far.” I am not saying I have quite reached that point, but man, George Karl needs to seriously reconsider the way he reacts to situations like this.

  • Nuggets4

    That game definitely felt like a transvestite hooker game.

    And I’m counting the days until LK is a former Nugget.

  • BeefySwats

    Time to talk trade.

    LK, Anthony Carter, and Dahntay Jones for….?

    Our needs are a solid, YOUNG PG, and a bench SG. I would love to see a starting lineup of:

    C: Nene
    PG: Chauncey
    SG: JR
    SF: Melo
    PF: KMart

    C: Petro
    PG: ??
    SG: ??
    SF: Balkman
    PF: Andersen

    What a horrible game. I have no idea, no excuse now for why Karl continues to play Kleiza in crunchtime minutes.

  • CCH

    Sickening, The defense was night and day difference from the Lakers game. Don’t look now but were only 2 1/2 games ahead from the 8th seed. Also Drew Gooden was bought out Yesterday by Sacremento, How would he look in a Nuggets uniform? He can shoot the midrange alot better than Kmart, and maybe Chauncey could whip him into shape to play some D?

  • Nuggets4

    Beefy, even if we could trade those three, why would anyone want any of them? We’re not getting anything of value for them.

  • BeefySwats

    Jesus christ no CCH. Gooden is atrocious.