Carmelo Anthony Suspended One Game

Carmelo Anthony is not returning to Denver for personal reasons as first reported.  Melo has been suspended for one game by the Denver Nuggets for an “in-game transgression” in Indianapolis.  

The Denver Post article cites sources reported in the know as to why Melo was suspended.

Multiple sources said that in the third quarter coach George Karl tried to take Anthony out of the game and Anthony refused to come out, disrespecting the coach.

It is never good for players to ignore their coach, but at least Melo’s insubordination was born out of the competitive desire to stay in a close game and not some kind of childish rage like yelling at the coach to get up and do something.  However, I think the Nuggets are right to take this step.  If the coach is not in charge of the team no one will be and that makes for a messy situation.

Obviously Melo has not been playing well lately so hopefully the game off will help him get back on track.  The bad news is no one else has been playing very well on offense either and if Linas Kleiza or J.R. Smith do not hit some shots tonight in Detroit the Nuggets will be in a lot of trouble.

Thanks to BeefySwats for the tip in the comments.

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