ESPN NBA Today Podcast

With the Nuggets in the news lately I was asked to be a guest on the NBA Today podcast.  Jason Smith and I discuss Carmelo’s suspension and future in Denver, the game in Detroit and whether or not the Nuggets would have been better off with Scott Hastings on the floor instead of Linas Kleiza.  Plus if you happen to have a kid who needs to work on their math have them try to count how many times I say, “um.”  It may sound like a verbal crutch, but I am actually all about the kids.

Click here to listen.  My segment begins at the 19:30 mark, but I highly recommend listening to the entire show.

I will have my recap of the Pistons game up early this afternoon.

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  • Nuggets4

    You know what amazes me about the Melo suspension? Is that everyone is upset at Karl for it. Does anyone honestly think the front office just listens to Karl and does what he says? Remember, there was talk this off-season that he was furious and wanted Najera to stay even if it meant JR leaving. Remember, he wanted to draft his son in the first round. The front office does not listen to George. And I honestly believe the front office wouldn’t suspend Melo if he just refused to leave a game. There had to be more to this, an escalation, or it wouldn’t have happened.

    That said, I’m ready to wash my hands of both of them.

    Great job on the podcast Jeremy. I only counted 15 “um’s”, but one of my co-workers was on a conference call (and is the loudest human being in the history of the Earth) and the other one is determined to use her 1960’s 10-key calculator even though God has given us newer ones that are quiet.