Lineup Changes

Kenyon Martin and Anthony Carter are going to miss the game tonight against the Trail Blazers.  Karl has inserted J.R. Smith in place of Dahntay Jones and Johan Petro in place of Kenyon in the starting lineup.  

With J.R. starting I think that indicates he is not going to be playing back up point guard.  That role will be filled by newly signed Jason Hart.  The Nuggets may be able to get through tonight’s game alright, but by removing a starter and rotation player the increased minutes that will burden the rest of the players tonight is bad news considering Denver is kicking off a stretch of four games in five nights.

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  • CCH

    Should be interesting. hopefully this means more Balkman at backup PF?

  • jeremy

    More Balkman is possible, but I would not count on it. I think Karl will use Petro to fill Birdman’s minutes and give Birdman minutes closer to what Kenyon usually records. It will be interesting to see if Kleiza continues to struggle if Balkman earns more and more of his minutes.