2008-09 Game 62: Denver Nuggets 106 – Portland Trail Blazers 90

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Sure the Denver Nuggets beat the Portland Trail Blazers, but the real story was the homecoming of local boy and Denver hero Michael Ruffin.  What, you guys care more about beating the Blazers than the return of Ruffin?  Well, OK then.

Hopefully we will look at tonight’s game as the return of Carmelo Anthony as a dominant offensive player.  He clearly felt like he had something to prove coming back off of his one game suspension and his play was spectacular.  He was a little jumper happy early on, but he started going to the rim and utilizing his quickness for short pull up jumpers instead of long range ones and Portland had absolutely no answer for him. 

Melo’s displayed his entire arsenal tonight.  He scored off of transition jumpers, pull up jumpers, catch and shoot jumpers, he drove and finished with his right hand, drove and finished with his left.  He ran the floor and was successful on either scoring or getting to the line from the post. 

Almost as encouraging as the play of Melo was the play of J.R. Smith.  I loved the way J.R. was aggressive on both ends of the floor.  On offense he was looking for seams in the defense and succeed in setting up other players as well as getting his own shot off.  Plus he was clearly fired up as the taunting technical for his primal scream that followed his follow up dunk over Joel Przybilla.  J.R. was also all over the glass in the first half. 

Above all else I really enjoyed the defense he played on Brandon Roy.  J.R. has all the physical skills to be a very good one on one defender.  He has just been missing the desire and the mental comprehension of positioning and technique.  Of course, those are two pretty important aspects of playing defense, but one can be created and the other taught.  J.R. appears to be making progress in both areas.

I had hoped to see an over the top defensive effort from Denver.  They fell short of that although I am pretty happy with the way they played.  Brandon Roy was able to get his points although he was never able to take over the game.  Denver showed some cracks though and they allowed the Blazers to stay in the game. 

There were several occasions where they missed a rotation resulting in a wide open look from behind the arc for Steve Blake, Rudy Fernandez and Travis Outlaw and they shot a combined 6-12 on threes.   However, those were not the breakdowns that hurt the Nuggets.  There were really only two stretches where the Blazers controlled the action.  A two and a half minute stretch where they outscored the Nuggets 10-2 and a three minute stretch in the third quarter where they outscored Denver 10-4.  Those two runs the Blazers had came when they were able to consistently score at the rim.  For those who are interested I have put a breakdown of those stretches in the additional nuggets.

The win was an important one and it sets up what may be the biggest game of the season tomorrow night in Utah.  Should the Nuggets pull off a victory in Salt Lake City and build up a two and a half game lead on the Jazz again I will feel very good about Denver’s chances to win the division.  Utah is on fire, but the Nuggets have a far easier schedule from here on out than Utah does. 

Additional Game 62 Nuggets

  • With apologies to Kevin Arnovitz of Clipper Blog I am about to steal his format.

[4:30, 2nd quarter] In the second quarter the Blazers started their run with an impressive fast break alley oop from Roy to Aldridge. 

[4:01,  2nd quarter] After a traveling violation by Kleiza they ran Rudy Fernandez back and forth off the same screen until he finally freed himself up for a three.  

[3:23, 2nd quarter] Melo scored on a runner and then on the other end he attempted to steal a pass into the post by Steve Blake to Aldridge.  He missed getting the steal and to make things worse he fell down.  Aldridge kicked the ball out to Blake and Birdman ran at Blake leaving Aldridge uncovered.  Blake passed the ball back to Aldridge who made a hook shot at the rim.  Had the guards rotated over they could have delayed the play long enough to get Melo back involved. 

[2:32, 2nd quarter] After a couple of missed jumpers Portland goes back and runs Blake and Fernandez off a series of screens.  Nene helps out on one screen leaving Pryzbilla temporarily open and Roy zips a pass to him.  Andersen comes over to help leaving Aldridge open.  Joel dumps the ball over to Aldridge and Nene, attempting to get back in the play fouls LaMarcus for the “and one.”   

That is seven paint points in four possessions.  Now fast forward to the third quarter for the other run the Blazers sprung on Denver.

[9:56, 3rd quarter] After a screen and roll between Roy and Aldridge Portland swings the ball to Blake in the weak side corner for a long two.

[9:15, 3rd quarter] Chauncey misses a contested corner three, coming back at the Nuggets Roy runs off a high screen from Przybilla.  J.R. does a good job fighting through a half hearted screen, but he overruns the play and Nene fails to cut off Roy at the free throw line and Roy gets to the rim for a layup.

[8:51, 3rd quarter] Chauncey throws the ball away attempting a behind the back pass to Nene in the lane triggering a fast break dunk by Nicolas Batum.  Portland is now within two for the first time since the 6:17 mark in the first quarter.

[8:45, 3rd quarter] Time out Nuggets.  Following the break Nene receives a pass at the left elbow and drives right at Przybilla for a layup.  Denver then forces a turnover as Portland tries to post Aldridge and he losses the ball out of bounds.

[7:54, 3rd quarter] Nene hits a 14 footer over Przybilla and Portland responds by running Roy along the baseline off a strong side screen and he receives the pass and drives in the lane.  J.R. is right with him, but he hits a short 13 foot fade away. 

[7:10, 3rd quarter] Nene throws a bad cross court pass that is intercepted by Batum.  The Blazers run out on the break and Batum scores a layup.

Eight points in the paint in six possessions.  Between the two runs Portland put together spanning roughly five minutes they scored 15 of their 38 points in the paint.  The Nuggets helped with turnovers and jumpers that lent themselves to scrambling defense and early offense.

  • Did anyone miss Anthony Carter tonight?
  • I stand by my assessment from before the game that the big difference between these two teams is the Nuggets ability to defend.  Portland is not capable of defending the Nuggets.  I would love to see the Blazers in the playoffs.  Some of you may laugh at the following statement, but they really miss Martell Webster on defense.  For some reason Webster had the ability to frustrate Melo, especially in the post. 
  • There was no single Nugget player who had a negative plus/minus.  No Blazer player had a positive one.
  • Chauncey’s nine assists represented his highest total in a single game since January 17th and it was his third highest total of 2009.  Part of the reason the Nuggets have been struggling shooting the ball is Chauncey has not been getting his teammates easy shots, but tonight seven of his nine assists were on layups or dunks.
  • The movie Ultraviolet may be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, but Mila Jovivich has managed to keep my attention.
  • Portland threw some small lineups out on the Nuggets and they set up a couple of weird matchups for Denver.  There were short sequences where Melo was guarding Steve Blake, Chris Andersen and Nene were taking turns guarding Travis Outlaw and at one point Linas Kleiza was covering Jerryd Bayless.
  • Kleiza’s shot seems to be falling again and that makes him somewhat useful on the basketball court until his next cold stretch.  The bad news is I am afraid he is going to chuck up six or seven threes tomorrow against Utah.  He did take a couple of uncharacteristic pull up midrange jumpers.  Needless to say they clanged off the rim, but it was interesting to watch nonetheless.
  • The TNT crew, especially Charles Barkley, were all over the Nuggets for not putting the Blazers away earlier so they could rest their starters.  Denver was close to bowing the game open a couple of times, but it is not like Portland is a YMCA team.  The Nuggets handed them their third worst loss of the season as it was.  You cannot just blow out a quality team because you fell like it.  Sure it would be nice, but that is not how the NBA works.
  • I like J.R. Smith in the starting lineup.  He played point when Chauncey took his typical early second quarter rest.  He started with a beautiful bounce pass to a streaking Kleiza for a layup.  He made a complex set of moves to drive past Bayless and get to the rim, but he missed the lay in.  He hit a pull up jumper after Melo initiated the offense.  He delivered a how did he see that cross court pass to Kleiza who drove the baseline, but missed the layup.  He initiated the zone offense and hit a three of a skip pass.  As a backup point guard he might be as good as it gets in the NBA.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  88.6 – Closer to Portland’s ideal pace than the Denver’s ideal pace.

Defensive Efficiency:  101.6 – Very good considering Portland is the second best team in the NBA in offensive efficiency.

Offensive Efficiency:  119.6

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  • BeefySwats

    Excellent recap as usual Jeremy. HUGE win for the Nuggets, and an even bigger game tonight in Utah.

    I was commenting on a sports board with Portland fans last night and one of them cried about how the Nuggets were all thugs and “meth-heads”. I even got bought a custom Nazi flag forums title! All I could do was just laugh. Portland and their fans are suffering under severe delusions of grandeur following Oden’s return…departure….return….then departure again.

    Thanks again for all your insightful analysis and giving something to read at work. :)

  • Stumbleweed

    God I hope JR manages to stay in the starting five even when K-Mart comes back. Hell, if K-Mart being out keeps JR starting, I’ll gladly take that compromise, though we definitely need K-Mart’s defense for the playoffs. It was kinda nice not to have him out there shooting 18-footers though… that always riles me up.

    And yes, I’m really glad we got Jason Hart. If he can shoot a little better than AC, play some decent defense (he’s 6’3″, so there’s that), and not turn the ball over a ton, we’ll be in business. AC is just such a turnover machine — and no, I did not miss him last night. Let’s hope Kleiza can contribute against the Jazz, because we really do need him to be somewhat efficient. Nothing kills us more than those stretches where Kleiza stands out on the perimeter and fires 2 or 3 threes in a minute as soon as he catches the ball…

  • Othe33

    I think it’s time for me to give Karl some credit. He praised JR for his play last night, and that’s important to a young guy. He held out Kenyon against Portland and it turned out we didn’t need him – I bet he plays tonight and is fresh, effective, and definitely necessary against a veteran Jazz front line. It’s clear that Carmelo has made positive strides out of a potentially damaging situation.

    Tonight is definitely a huge statement game. To beat this Jazz team in Utah (on the second night of a back-to-back) would be bigger than the victory over the Lakers last week. I want someone to punish Matt Harpering. Run him through a big screen by Maybyner or something. Have Dahntay pick up a flagrant putting him on his ass. If Carmelo can put up a big game against his greatest rival, the tone will be set for the rest of the season.

    As for the Portland fan, as an Oregonian I can empathize with both sides of your argument, Beefy. A lot of the faulty illusions are propagated by the local media, who have nothing else to talk about in the world of sports. The local beat writer has his own “power rankings” and regularly has the Blazers in the top 4/5 teams in the league. And you’ve got to feel for a franchise with such a poor record of using their #1 picks. My favorite stadium sign has been “Hey Sam Bowie, take off your Greg Oden mask”.

    Of course, for the Jail Blazer fans to suggest that the Nuggs are all thugs is extremely laughable. Next time we play them feel free to list the following names: Qyntel Woods, Darius Miles, JR Rider, Damon Staudamire and Rasheed driving home from a Sonics game so they can burn herb in the car, Ardvydas Sabonis’ wife getting a DUI picking up their kids after school with a .23 BAC…the list goes on and on. The Nuggets exploits pale in comparison. Pick on the Bird if you want, but the guy has made more money than any other Blinn Junior College alum.

  • sleepydog

    I’ll give karl some props for his coaching tonight, the idea of sitting k-mart and starting jr smith was great, and carmelo came back strong. but other than those decisions, i think karl got lucky more than usual. for one, a.c. was injured, so he couldn’t play the turnover machine like he probably wanted to, and kleiza’s shot was falling, so he could play him as well. usually karl plays both of them extensively even if they’re playing terribly, so i think he got kind of lucky.

    god damn it’s nice to have melo back. and i dont mean from his one game suspension, i mean from that abysmal slump he has been in. fingers crossed for a repeat performance tonight.

  • Josh Hopp

    Melo postgame: “I watch the whole NBA, but I’m not any of those guys. I’m not LeBron James, I’m not D-Wade. I’m Carmelo Anthony.”


  • http://goo.gl/E278I Vern Wattenberg

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