2008-09 Game 65: Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets Game Thread

Once again I am sad to say that I as I write this I have little hope for a Nuggets victory tonight.  This is the fourth game in the past seven where I feel like the Nuggets are likely to lose.  Of course, they won one of those four games (against the Lakers), but now they have lost two of the three games that were thought to be nearly sure things (at Indiana and at Sacramento).  The Nuggets are 4-7 after the All-Star break and tonight is their fourth game in five nights. 

Of course the Houston Rockets have not been sitting at home on the couch as it is their third game in four nights.  The Rockets have been hot winning nine of their previous 11 games, but looking at the schedule they have had a very heavy dosage of home games.  They have played 18 of their previous 26 games at home and in the eight road contests during that stretch they are only 2-6.

Maybe the Nuggets have a chance after all. 

The Nuggets have always struggled to cover Yao as do most teams thanks to the shortage of mobile 7’6” athletes in the NBA.  Poor Chris Andersen probably had to sit in an ice bath for 24 hours after the beating he took from Yao’s shoulders the last time these two matched up.

The other Rockets to look our for include Shane Battier who has only hit one of his 20 three point attempts in March so you know he is going to drain at least three tonight.  He loves shooting in Denver for some reason.  The Rockets other Nugget killer, Tracy McGrady, is out for the season and I believe Ron Artest is much easier to defend than McGrady.  However the Rockets’ winning streak coincided with McGrady’s departure from the lineup.  The other player that scares me is Aaron Brooks who seems to shoot well against the Nuggets and his quickness makes it impossible for Chauncey to contain him.

The Nuggets were clearly down after their loss last night in Sacramento and aparently at a loss for answers.  It will be interesting to see how they respond. 

Both Kenyon Martin and Anthony Carter are still listed as questionable and I would not expect either one to play. 

I am not going to say this game is unwinnable for Denver, but pulling out a victory will be a tall task. 

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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Take this with you:  The Nuggets confidence is shattered, but even in the midst of their second half collapse they have won three straight at home.  Hopefully a return to the Pepsi Center is what they need to get back on track.

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  • NuggetsandRockiesGirl

    Nice to see Kenyon back and he’s looking great on the rebounds! Melo needs to just relax and not shoot so many jumpers. J.R.’s buzzer 3 was a nice touch!

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com jeremy

    Halftime Stats
    Pace – 94.6
    Defensive Efficiency – 95.2
    Offensive Efficiency – 84.6

    The Nuggets need to make some shots.

  • RyanSev23

    Well…. it was fun while it lasted. The Nuggets officially teased us. Question now is, do we blow it up and start over? I find it hard to believe this team, minus a couple role players next year is ever going to do anything significant.

  • sdchlr

    This is embarrasing

  • Kay

    Every single time I receive a text saying the final score I want to hand myself. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Kay


  • BeefySwats


    The Nuggets have now lost 8 of the last 11 games and the Jazz will now (likely) have a 1.5 game division lead on the Nuggets, who’ve dropped to third and are rapidly heading towards eighth.

    It is possible if this collapse keeps up that we miss the playoffs this year and the Suns get in.

    Think about that for a second. And what it says about this team.

  • BeefySwats

    Oh, and after posting an average of 9.0 points and 12.0 rebounds, Balkman once again sees zero minutes.

    Kleiza was 2-3 with 6 points, 6 rebounds. Over the last two games he has averaged 3.0 points and 5 rebounds.