2008-09 Game 68: Denver Nuggets vs New Jersey Nets Game Thread

The resurgence of the Denver Nuggets continues tonight as the potentially short handed, and certainly short spirited if that is a phrase, New Jersey Nets drag their keisters into the Pepsi Center. 

After trailing the Los Angeles Clippers 101-89 last night the Nets came roaring back behind a determined Vince Carter who made some incredible shots on his way to 41 points.  Carter drained a 28 foot three with 12 seconds left to put the Net up 105-102 capping a 16-1 run and Lawrence Frank chose to foul in order to prevent the Clippers from making a game tying three.  Baron Davis made both free throws and then Jarvis Hays missed two free throws giving the Clippers the ball down one with five seconds left.  Typically Mike Dunleavy draws up some inane overly complex set that takes longer to develop than there is time on the clock which results in a horrible shot.  Last night it was easy.  Eric Gordon drove the lane, kicked out to Baron Davis who whipped a pass to the wide open Steven Novak who splashed his seventh three of the night at the buzzer. 

Even worse than losing the game the Nets may have lost Devin Harris to a sprained shoulder and he is unlikely to play against Denver.  Even though the Nets are fighting for the final playoff spot I cannot see a scenario where they can compete with the Nuggets. 

Another factor in Denver’s favor is the fact that their previous meeting this season was somewhat memorable.  You may recall that the Nets squeezed out a win by 44 points.  If the Nuggets have any pride they will deliver a beating to a Nets squad that is physically and emotionally abused.

If the Nets are within single digits at any time in the fourth quarter tonight I will be seriously disgruntled.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes (probably no Kenyon)

Previous Matchup:  Game 51 – Den 70 NJN 114

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  • BeefySwats

    Well, here we go, Denver. The last time we had a 3 game wining streak was back in January. Let’s show the Nets what’s up.

  • Josh Hopp

    Since when does this team dominate a team that needs to be dominated? Since when do we put bad teams away early and stay at arms legnth throughout the game? It will probably be another sickening, grind-out, bad shot, shitty defense affair that leaves us all alot older and alot angrier for watching it.

    Go the Nuggets.

  • sdchlr


  • CCH

    Its nice seein naldo in the rotation even with Kmart back.

  • sdchlr

    Nice second half so far, it’s nice to be winning with Melo in one of his slumps.

    Spurs lose today, but rockets won (boo).

  • Josh Hopp

    and Portland win.

    Solid win Nugs, let’s keep this streak alive. I am certain that if we drop one more game against a losing team Portland and Utah will eat us.

  • BeefySwats

    Oh my god Balkman, please be okay :(

  • BeefySwats

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Balkman :(

    Please guys, if there is a basketball deity out there, pray to him, that he might restore our best bench player to health soon

  • Josh Hopp

    Whoa.. what? What happened to Balkman? Damn I missed whatever it was, fill me in…

  • Josh Hopp

    groin strain.. hmm. Unlikely to be a huge issue but he could easily miss 2 or 3 games. I think 3 would be a worse case scenario. Get better big guy