2008-09 Game 69: Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies Game Thread

The Denver Nuggets have righted the ship at home, but their last road game was the debacle in Sacramento and they still have a five game road losing streak to teams with records under .500 (Sacramento, Indiana, Milwaukee, Chicago and New Jersey).

They had better turn that around tonight in Memphis.  Look for Kenyon to play in the first half only again while Renaldo Balkman is questionable.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

Previous Matchups:  Game 6 – Den 100 Mem 90 | Game 45 – Den 100 Mem 85

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  • sdchlr


  • CCH

    Glad to see birdman checkin in. lets get some energy goin.

  • CCH

    Lets go Bench!!!

  • CCH

    thank god for balkman with all these airballs goin up.

  • Josh Hopp

    Up 3, Memphis timeout with 6 seconds left in the game. No fouls to give

    Are you serious?

  • UnarmingMermaid


    I take back all those horrible names I called you Nugs. 😉

  • Josh Hopp

    Shame on everyone who lost faith in the fact that our Nuggets had this one in the bag all along! (I did)

    Am I the only one who feels a little dirty?

    Seriously though, great job by Chauncey and Melo down the stretch hitting those 3s. Those were 3s that a good team needed to make and made.

  • UnarmingMermaid


    I definitely thought they’d given this one away.

    Thank you Nugs for proving me wrong. Oh me of little faith.

    Man…I’m giddy now.

  • UnarmingMermaid


  • sdchlr

    GREAT win. Melo showed up huge when we needed him.

    Now we really need the Pistons to come through for us.

  • Josh Hopp

    Ah the Pistons. Along with the Cavs, they are the only team that has trounced us each time this season. I’m not encouraged by the absence of our boy AI in the least.