Offday Offerings – Kenyon Back to Normal?

Is the back back to normal for Kenyon Martin?

According to Chris Tomasson of Kenyon Martin is hoping to return to his regular minutes as soon as tomorrow against the Washington Wizards.  When asked how much he would play Kenyon responded, “Probably regular minutes.  I think so.”  The reason Kenyon thinks he is ready to expand his role once again is based on how well his back responded to playing the final 33.2 seconds against the Grizzlies last night.

George Karl might not be quite so quick to push Kenyon back into his regular court time saying, “I’m not going to go from playing him one game 15 minutes and one game (24) minutes to all of a sudden playing him 35 minutes. I’m going to feel out the situation.’’

I agree with Karl.  Kenyon’s health is too important to suddenly decide that he is fine and jump back into his old routine just because his back responded well to a 30 second cameo.  Especially in a game against the Wizards when the Nuggets should be able to earn a relatively easy win with Kenyon resting comfortably on the courtside padded chairs.

Doug Moe spreading his Doug Moe-ness

Did you know that the NBA celebrated Heritage Week a couple of weeks ago?  Me neither.  Anyway as part of the festivities Doug Moe was interviewed on NBA TV by Andre Aldridge and Eric Snow.  Moe discusses his early coaching days with Larry Brown, if the old timers really were more fundamental and of course, if you can win a title with a running team.

Check out the full interview by clicking here.

Quote dump

Benjamin Hochman shared some quotes he has collected from George Karl on some timely topics, although they may not be so timely a day later.  Nothing too earth shattering, but Karl does hit on a “cockiness” that may have lead to the Nuggets recent road failures and wonders if some players try too hard to draw a foul instead of make a shot from time to time.

Going Green

The Nuggets are going to break out some green uniforms as part of the inaugural NBA Green Week.  They will wear the green duds against the Utah Jazz on April 2nd and against the Los Angeles Clippers on April 4th.  The uniforms will be unveiled this evening (March 19th) by George Karl when he represents Kronke Sports Enterprises and their Play Clean:  Eco Friendly Entertainment initiative at the Sustainable Opportunity Summit being held at the Colorado Convention Center.

I will pass on a picture of the green unis when I see one.  All I know is it ain’t easy being green (warning graphic muppet content).  I am glad the Nuggets are not playing the Celtics because it was weird seeing the Chicago Bulls wear green in their game against the Celtics on St. Patty’s Day.

They do not really actually train anyone though, do they?

The Nuggets announced the 2009 winners of their Excellence in Athletic Training in Colorado High Schools program.  Nuggets head trainer Jim Gillen, who began his career as a high school trainer, presented the awards to winning schools Cheyenne Mountain High School trainer Shaun Carmody and Alameda High School head trainer Dominic DiManna on March 14th when the Nuggets beat the Clippers.  Both schools receive $2,000 to support their training programs.  There were also two runners up, Chaparral High School and Ignacio High School, who each received $500. 

Ignacio recently knocked Heritage Christian High School out of the state basketball tournament the game after Heritage ended my son’s high school basketball career so I am not sure if I should like them or not.

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  • BeefySwats

    Portland lost tonight, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Also, it was on the second night of a back to back OT game so maybe they will be extra tired for their next game.

    TNT also showed a neat graphic where there are only 3 guys with 80+ steals and 80+ blocks. Can you guess who?

    -Dwayne Wade

    -LeBron James


    How cool is that?

  • Stumbleweed

    Nice stat Beefy.

    Boo to this:

    “Kleiza to Receive More Game Time”… back to Renaldo DNPs? Maybe Birdman getting minutes cut? Either way, I hate it. Freakin guy had plenty of minutes all season and has done shit-all with them, so NOW we’re giving him more? When Balkman is playing GREAT in those extra 10-15 minutes? Ugggh.

  • CCH

    very cool stat beefy.
    Any news on the new green uniforms? Would love to see a pic.