2008-09 Game 75: Denver Nuggets vs New York Knickerbockers Game Thread

With a home win over the New York Knicks tonight the Denver Nuggets can clinch a playoff spot in March for the first time in 21 seasons.  However, it will not mean an end to the suspense of the race for playoff positioning. 

In order for the Nuggets to afford a slip up against either Utah, the Lakers or Portland in any of their three difficult contests on the schedule they need to sweep the five remaining games against lesser opponents.  That means taking care of business tonight against the Knicks.

Looking at the big picture the Knicks have gone from a playoff contender at the end of December, sporting a 21-25 record, to a league also ran after losing 25 of their last 33 games and eight of their last nine.  Narrowing the view a bit the Knicks did Denver a big favor by knocking off the New Orleans Hornets last Friday and last night showed some spunk in Utah.  After falling behind by 24 early in the third quarter New York roared back to actually take a 94-93 lead in the middle of the fourth quarter before falling by eight, 112-104. 

Aside from their undisputable edge in talent the Nuggets also should have an edge in energy.  Denver has had two days off following their dismantling of the Warriors where the Knicks are wrapping up a three game road trip and playing their fourth game in five days.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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Take this with you:  In Mike D’Antoni’s fist season with the Knicks New York is second in the league in pace while the Nuggets vacillate between sixth and seventh.  However, the Nuggets play significantly faster at home than they do on the road.  It will be interesting to see if the Knicks can keep pace with the Nuggets for 48 minutes in their fourth game in five nights.

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  • UnarmingMermaid

    C’mon Nugs!

    Tonight starts fight for the second seed. Nugs need to get it done starting tonight.

  • runningdonut

    K-Mart needs to be benched. 2 pts, 2 turnovers, and 1 rebound in 22 minutes?? Come on man

    Need this win. OKC looks like they might beat the Spurs tonight!

  • Josh Hopp

    What a bunch of SCRUBS

  • Josh Hopp

    I will be sick to death if we throw this away

    a 20 point lead….

  • runningdonut

    Thunder win

  • runningdonut

    Alright! Unbelievable we have a better record than San Antonio right now

  • UnarmingMermaid

    Well…great job Nuggets.

    I wish the Nuggets clinching the playoffs and taking over the 2nd seed wasn’t tainted by terrible news out of Dove Valley. *sigh*

  • Greyson

    Seriously KMart, what the hell was that? Did he even move at all during that whole 3rd quarter? Because I don’t think he moved at all. Didn’t even try to play defense and certainly didn’t try to rebound on offense or defense. Just stand there, Kenyon. It’s not like we need you to play hard out there.

  • Josh Hopp

    kenyon definitely sucked yesterday

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