2008-09 Game 76: Denver Nuggets 114 – Utah Jazz 104

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The Nuggets were able to pull out a big win in a game that never quite lived up to its billing due to a combination of poor shooting by the Jazz and a herky jerky flow.  The Jazz were playing hard, but they simply could not get anything going.  Their offense, with their talent and sound system, should be difficult to defend at home, on the road or in outer space, but it was as effective as a sponge dam. 

The Nuggets claimed that they would implement a plethora of defensive schemes to defend Deron Williams and the pick and roll and they lived up to their word.  They did everything from trapping to rotating a wall of defenders to switching and everything else in between.  For a team that has struggled to be on the same page together even under the best of circumstances Denver did a great job of working together and communicating to each other how they would defend each pick and roll sequence.

The key to Denver’s defense was their ability to keep Williams out of the lane, at least as much as can be expected.  That forced the Jazz to play a much more perimeter oriented game and they held the Jazz to only 38 points in the paint, one of their lowest totals of the season.  The Nuggets really did play solid team defense and even though they seemed to give up a few too many open perimeter shots, we need to remember that was the side effect of the overall plan.

I thought early on the Jazz were hurt by their inability to build up more than an 11 point lead in the first quarter.  Apart from a nice pick and roll between Melo and Kenyon and a drive by Kenyon to start the game the Nuggets were just abysmal on offense.  The Jazz were not much better though as they failed to capitalize on some easy shots around the rim that could have given them a 16 or 18 point lead.  The eleven point bulge they did established ended up being well within J.R. Smith’s striking range. 

Smith took his first shot with 1:24 left in the first quarter and Denver down 22-11.  Within the next 2:31 J.R. had dumped in 11 points, plus an assist, and the game was tied at 26.  What J.R. did for the Nuggets cannot be understated.  Without J.R.’s explosion who knows how long it takes for the Nuggets to get their act together on offense.  It was their 43 points over the final 13:24 of the first half that won the game and J.R. scored 21 of those points and assisted on another eight. 

The other key to the Nuggets offensive surge was Carmelo.  Melo entered the game playing as well on offense as he had in a long time, but he missed his first five shots.  From that point on he began attacking the rim and ended making nine of his final 20 attempts.  Even when he failed to finish a couple of drives in the third quarter he kept driving and it paid off.  Melo even had success driving past the Jazz’s attempts to double him.  Almost every time Melo caught the ball in the post Utah doubled him immediately.  On a couple of occasions Melo actually drove past the defender who was coming to double him.  He also continued his solid passing with his third straight game with at least four assists. 

The Jazz offense came alive in the second half, but it was not because the Nuggets let Williams run wild.  The supporting cast came to life led by C.J. Miles and his 12 points.  That is the risk you take when you focus so strongly on one player, but if a player like C.J. Miles beats you, such is life.

Down the stretch Williams tried to take the game over scoring 11 points in the final six minutes of the game, but it was too little too late.  I have no idea why Williams was not more aggressive before that.  Part of his passiveness was due to the Nuggets throwing a lot of bodies at him, but great players do not let themselves get taken out of the game like that.  Utah looked like a juggernaut in February as Williams was throwing up 30 point game after 30 point game.  Last night he only took 12 shots while Carlos Boozer took 23.

Nevertheless, it was a good win for Denver.  As inconsistent as they have been on defense over the past nine days the Nuggets have contained the two best point guards in the league (Paul in New Orleans and Williams last night) and shown a pretty good ability to guard the pick and roll.

Is it possible that the only obstacles standing in the Denver Nuggets’ way of finishing the regular season with the second seed in the Western Conference are the Clippers, Timberwolves, Thunder and Kings?  Should Denver do that they will force the Spurs or Rockets to finish the season with only one more loss in order to catch them.

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  • Aside from a short stint early in the third when Chris Andersen had to come in earlier than usual due to Kenyon’s cartilage strain where he looked a little flat Birdman was all over the place blocking a career high eight shots and pulling down ten rebounds.  It is amazing how he feeds not only off of the crowd, but off of his own energy.  He revels in every block.
  • Kenyon left the game early in the third with a cartilage strain in the left side of his rib cage.  I did some quick googling of rib cartilage strains and the real danger is when the strain occurs at the end of the rib.  Kenyon was holding his side which hopefully means it is not as serious.  Still it is an injury that can take a while to heal.  Kenyon may want to play 35 minutes a game.  I think his body is trying to tell him to keep it down to 30.  Keep your fingers crossed that he will be fine for the playoffs.
  • As has been their wont lately the Nuggets really struggled on the defensive glass.  Over their previous five games the Nuggets’ defensive rebound percentage is a paltry 64.9%.  Flip that around and that means the opposition is collecting 35.1% of their missed shots.  To put that in perspective Golden State is the worst defensive rebounding team in the NBA with a defensive rebound percentage of 68.2%.  The Spurs lead the league by a pretty wide margin at 77.9%.  For the season the Nuggets are now in the bottom third of the league in defensive rebounding percentage.  That could be a problem.
  • Much has been made about the Jazz’s struggle on the road.  Watching them last night I do not think they ever believed they would come back and win the game.  They played hard and showed emotion, but never acted like they believed in themselves.
  • Anthony Carter deserves a lot of credit for hitting that running scoop shot at the end of the half.  It is not easy jumping from the free throw line and making a layup off the glass.  It is very difficult not to bounce the ball off the backboard with too much force. 
  • I usually do not read any game coverage before I write my recap so as not to have my opinions clouded by that of others.  I did check the Post and the Times article for any sign of news about Kenyon (Chris Tomasson has some info on Kenyon’s injury) and stumbled on an interesting quote from J.R. Smith.
  • “Tonight, (being in the zone) was different than any other time, because normally it’s catch-and-shoot, but tonight it was off-the-dribble 3s,” Smith said. “It was unbelievable. I was shocked with myself with some of the shots.”

  • After promising not to get whistled for another technical the rest of the season Melo was whistled for number 14.  Two more and he is suspended for one game.  I am not sure what the rules are as far as if he would be suspended for a playoff game should he be nailed with number 16 in the last game of the season.
  • Doesn’t it seem like Ronnie Brewer scores eight points in the first quarter every time the Jazz play the Nuggets?  Fortunately he seems to have a difficult time keeping that pace up.
  • The two teams combined for 86 free throw attempts which surpassed the previous season high for a Nuggets game of 85 when Denver played at Milwaukee.
  • Thanks to their 20 offensive rebounds and four fewer turnovers the Jazz attempted 18 more shots than Denver.  Combine that with the Nuggets’ win in Dallas where they were outshot from the line by 19 and the Nuggets are winning in some unconventional ways.
  • There has been a lot of anger spewed at this team over the past two or three seasons from George Karl to Melo to Allen Iverson, to J.R. and Kenyon.  With their win tonight this group of players has become the first Nuggets team to win 50 games in back to back seasons.   It is the franchise’s fifth 50 win season since joining the NBA in 1976-77.  It is also the first time in franchise history (ABA and NBA) that Denver has had six straight winning seasons. 
  • The way the Jazz are struggling on the road and with four more road games against Western Conference playoff teams it is entirely possible that if Denver can hold onto the second seed they would face the Mavs in the first round.
  • Denver did play a perfect game although I guess they played well enough in the green unis to keep them around another game.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  102.6 – The pace actually became faster in the second half which is rare.

Defensive Efficiency:  101.3 – Denver posted a 101.2 against the Knicks, but this defensive performance was much more stout.  The Jazz have a team field goal percentage for ht season of 47.5%.  The Nuggets held them to 36.6%. 

Offensive Efficiency:  111.1 – Right in line with their season average.

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  • BeefySwats

    No mention of the Utah Sucks chants? For shame.

    Then I remember that we’re better than Utah.

    Great win. Jeremy, how many more wins till Denver clinches the division?

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com jeremy

    I commented on the chant in the game thread and usually do not put info in both places. I like to keep things fresh!

  • snafuthai

    Haha, it’s funny how the second half technically had a faster pace even though it took like 2 hours to complete because of all the fouling. Maybe “pace” isn’t the best word for that statistic :p.

  • Othe33

    Jeremy – You mentioned in last night’s game thread that the technicals are wiped clean in the playoffs…for some reason I thought that wasn’t the case. Any more details on that?

    Is there some new standard of T’s equaling suspensions that begins once the playoffs start?

    I feel like I remember Rasheed having a situation with Detroit where his buildup of technicals throughout the season affected the team during the post season, but I could very well be wrong about that.

    Thanks for another solid write-up.

  • runningdonut

    Secretly I have been wanting to rip Chauncey for all the big leads we have given up, despite his veteran leadership. There’s been a couple times going back to the dallas game where he’s bricked a long 3 off the dribble at time when we were losing momentum.

    Well, turns out I’m pretty stupid. He’s been doing the same thing he did all year and back with the pistons too – making sure we get a quality shot on every possession and getting us free throws when we need them. There’s no way we win that game without his steady hand, considering we got killed on the rebounding and turnover margins. Not to mention being embarrassed on the offensive glass. I can’t really think of another player with such modest stats that affects the game as much as he does. His 13/14 free throws were huge.

  • runningdonut

    I believe the technicals do get reset for the playoffs, bunch of Laker fans down here were talking about in for Kobe right before last year playoffs. Found an article about it:

    Basically you get a clean slate when the playoffs start and you get suspended for a 7th tech in the playoffs.

  • Josh Hopp

    runningdonut, I too am growing increasinly concerned about Chauncey’s play. His 3’s a few and far between, he seems to be most effective driving for layups and hitting free throws. He doesn’t seem to set up and plays any more. I don’t recall a single pick and roll between him and Nene last game, I could be wrong, and it could be the Jazz were just defending that area well.

  • jakester

    I hope someone from the Nuggets is reading this – assuming the Nugs have a comfortable win tomorrow, Melo should commit two technicals in the 4th quarter against the Clips. Why have this hanging over his head? Then he can rest in the second game of a back-to-back (against the woeful Wolves) and then he won’t have the stupid T thing hanging over his head for the more critical last 4 games of the season. If something happens and he gets suspended for Portland, and they have a chance to clinch the division with a home win in the last game of the season, I’ll be less than pleased.

    Melo – take one for the team!

  • Stumbleweed

    Oh god, it would be such a gift to end up with the Mavs in the first round… So we’ve basically got to hope for Dallas to win out and the Jazz to love at least 4 of those games (which is entirely possible)…

  • Stumbleweed

    Er, lose…

  • snafuthai

    Jakester, I think even someone as wealthy as Melo wouldn’t want to piss away $4,500 and then have to sit out a game. I think this next week will provide good practice for him. Hopefully by the time the playoffs roll around he won’t be as quick to snap at officials, as technical fouls in the postseason are really killer.