One Tiebreaker Denver Lost

With the Spurs, Blazers and Nuggets all tied at 54-28 the NBA had to break the tie between the three teams for their draft position. In one sense it really did not matter to the Nuggets how it played out as their pick is going to Oklahoma City anyway (who will apparently pass it on to Chicago). On the other hand I think we all want Portland picking as late in the draft as possible.

The tie was broken by random drawing and the Blazers came out with the pick 24, the Spurs have selection 25 and Denver Oklahoma City Chicago fell to number 26.

Here are the results of the tiebreaker drawings:

§ Washington (19-63) won a tiebreaker with the Los Angeles Clippers
§ Minnesota (24-58) won a tiebreaker with Memphis
§ Milwaukee (34-48) won a tiebreaker with New Jersey
§ Chicago (41-41) won a tiebreaker with Philadelphia
§ Portland (54-28) won a tiebreaker with Denver and San Antonio; San
Antonio then won a tiebreaker with Denver

And the draft order:

Sacramento 17-65 250 (lottery chances out of 1,000)
Washington 19-63 178
LA Clippers 19-63 177
Oklahoma City 23-59 119
Minnesota 24-58 76
Memphis 24-58 75
Golden State 29-53 43
New York 32-50 28
Toronto 33-49 17
Milwaukee 34-48 10
New Jersey 34-48 9
Charlotte 35-47 7
Indiana 36-46 6
Phoenix 46-36 5

The order for the remainder of the first round picks is as follows:

15. Detroit 39-43
16. Chicago 41-41
17. Philadelphia 41-41
18. Miami (To Minnesota) 43-39
19. Atlanta 47-35
20. Utah 48-34
21. New Orleans 49-33
22. Dallas 50-32
23. Houston (To Sacramento) 53-29
24. Portland 54-28
25. San Antonio (To Oklahoma City) 54-28
26. Denver (To Chicago via Oklahoma City) 54-28
27. Orlando (To Memphis) 59-23
28. Boston (To Minnesota) 62-20
29. LA Lakers 65-17
30. Cleveland 66-16


31. Sacramento
32/33. LA Clippers (To Portland)
32/33. Washington
34. Oklahoma City (To Denver)
35/36. Memphis
35/36. Minnesota (To Detroit)
37. Golden State (To San Antonio via Phoenix)
38. New York (To Portland via Chicago)
39. Toronto (To Detroit)
40/41. New Jersey (To Charlotte via Oklahoma City)
40/41. Milwaukee
42. Charlotte (To LA Lakers)
43. Indiana (To Miami)
44. Detroit
45. Philadelphia (To Minnesota via Miami)
46. Chicago (To Cleveland)
47. Miami (To Minnesota)
48. Phoenix
49. Atlanta
50. Utah
51. New Orleans (To San Antonio via Toronto)
52. Dallas (To Indiana)
53. Houston (To San Antonio)
54. San Antonio (To Charlotte)
55. Denver (To Portland)
56. Portland
57. Orlando (To Phoenix via Oklahoma City)
58. Boston
59. LA Lakers
60. Cleveland (To Miami)

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  • roscoe66

    I thought that we are trading second round picks with the Clippers? You have our 2nd going to Portland, as well as the Clipper’s second. Is that messed up or did something take place that I can’t remember or didn’t realize that cause us to not get our own (not the one from OKC) 2nd round pick.

  • jeremy

    That draft order is directly from the NBA.

    Denver has the option on the Clippers’ second round pick in 2010.

  • Stumbleweed

    Heh, this makes me feel good:

    All the entrants in the TrueHoop “Stat Geek Smackdown” picked the Nuggets to win the series, some in as little as 5 games. The winner last year (Justin Kubatko from couldn’t participate, but I assume the stats-based conclusion would be the same from him.

  • BeefySwats


    So this apparently says that Denver has no draft picks for the year, is that correct?

  • jeremy

    Denver has the 34th pick from Oklahoma City as part of the Petro/Atkins deal.

  • Josh Hopp

    Meh. Drafting isn’t our priority this summer. It’s hanging onto Andersen.