Video Scouting Report – Tyson Chandler

Two big questions we all face heading into the Nuggets/Hornets series is how healthy is Tyson Chandler and what kind of impact will he have?  Chandler himself claims to only be about 70% healthy so what that means we will have to wait and see.  Chandler did not play in any of the four contests between the two teams this season, but we can look back to previous matchups to see what his presence means for the Hornets.

I have compiled some clips from game 44 of last season.  Chandler had ten points on four for five shooting and 16 rebounds as the Hornets defeated the Carmelo-less Nuggets 117-93 in New Orleans.  However, Chandler only had one block and played somewhat passively on the defensive end.

I do my typically sterling job narrating the eight clips, but watch for the timing he and Paul have on the pick and roll.  The duo combines to execute on plays where Chandler cuts to the rim immediately, when he makes a delayed cut and even in transition.  You have to wonder with Chandler missing so much time if they will still possess that sense of timing and chemistry. 

Defensively I thought it was interesting how Chandler was content to watch the action.  He moves well and generally is in the right position, but his lack of big shot blocking numbers can be attributed to the fact he is content to let his opponent score largely unchallenged.  We see the opposite end of that spectrum in Birdman who launches himself at shots that he has no business attacking, but we have also seen Birdman have a larger impact through forcing altered shots than Chandler does in the clips to follow.

Again these clips are from last season when Chandler was healthy.  Who knows how much of this performance he can duplicate.  According to Ryan and Niall at Hornets 24/7 Chandler had four throw downs of the pick and roll in the last game against the Spurs.  However, if he is feeling any discomfort I would expect him to play ever more passively on defense and hopefully Nene can take advantage of that.

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  • runningdonut

    Great clip Jeremy. Oh man, the last year Nuggets. They were awesome and soul crushing at the same time. Chandler is most dangerous running the floor cutting hard like that. His averages are also down this year, from basically 12/12 to 9/9 this year although he has missed a bunch of games. It will be interesting to see how he runs and how much they play him in game 1.

    Damn I’m so excited for the playoffs. Some of those clips it’s painful to watch that “defense”. Our team seems like it’s come a long way. Game 1 tomorrow my friends, can’t wait

  • Bee

    Good analysis. I do remember that he owned Camby quite frequently. Perhaps with Nene’s more physical approach Chandler will become less of a factor – even if he turns out to be more healthy than we’re all anticipating. I’d like to see us keep him off the boards as much as possible. Go nuggets!

  • Josh Hopp

    TC will be the factor. He is a body that can commit 6 fouls and clog up the lane and he udnerstands Chris Paul’s pick and roll game much better than Armstrong.

    Today 3 home teams lost in their preseason openers. The Nuggets will not commit the same misdemeanor tommorow.

    This is OUR YEAR.