2009 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Game 1: Denver Nuggets 113 – New Orleans Hornets 84

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It is only one game and I am trying not to get too carried away so I am going to try to remain composed and will simply say I enjoyed that thoroughly. 

There were three aspects of the Nuggets performance that simply blew me away.  The first was the clutch shooting of Chauncey Billups.  Normally the clutch arrives at the end of games.  Tonight Chauncey showed us what it means to be clutch early in a game.

The Nuggets know how important this series is for the franchise and to start the game they played like they felt the pressure.  At the end of the first quarter Nuggets not named Chauncey Billups had shot 2-12 and committed six turnovers.  Billups was 5-6 with no turnovers.  While the rest of the team was fretting about what might happen if they lost this game Chauncey with the calm and confidence of a player who has actually made it out of the first round.   

Without Chauncey stepping up and keeping Denver in the game early on there is no telling how tight the Nuggets’ sphincters would have become.  Chauncey’s incredible play allowed Denver the opportunity to relax and just play basketball.  By the time the third quarter came around the Nuggets had settled in and were just playing basketball.  They buried the Hornets with a 21-0 run spanning the third and fourth quarters and the game was over. 

There were times this season where I have wished to see more on court leadership from Chauncey.  After watching him tonight I feel foolish for questioning that aspect of his personality.  He clearly came alive tonight and even though there will be nights where his shot is not falling he will still bring his leadership night in and night out.  (For a little bit more insight on Chauncey’s performance click here and go to item three.)

The second aspect of the Nuggets’ win, which was and will be equally important to what Chauncey brings to the table, was the Nuggets’ great defense.  In order for the Hornets to win this series Chris Paul is going to have to be otherworldly.  Tonight he was simply himself and that was not good enough.  The Nuggets were able to force four turnovers and held him to 36.8% shooting.  More importantly Denver was able to keep him from owning the paint. 

We mentioned the Nuggets 21-0 run in the second half.  In order to complete a 21-0 run you have to hold the opponents to zero points while you score 21. 

The run began with New Orleans going to West in the post on back to back possessions which both resulted in turnovers.  The next possession Chris Paul, being pressured by Chris Andersen and Chauncey Billups, lost the ball.  After that West was able to get in the paint, but missed a layup (although he did not get credit for a block on the play, I think Birdman got enough of a fingertip on it to reroute the ball).  To end the quarter J.R. Smith made a great hustle play to tip the ball away from Devin Brown and off his leg forcing yet another turnover.

We have talked about how the Nuggets can play great defense when they are focused.  Tonight was a great defensive effort from everyone.  Carmelo had a couple of moments that had me going nuts (both switches for no reason), but from start to finish I believe this was his best defensive game of his NBA career.

The third aspect of this game I thought was important was how the Nuggets not only matched the intensity and desire of Chris Paul, they surpassed it.  Denver was certainly the hungrier team and they showed it.  Whenever two teams play each other for a week or two they develop some bad blood and you get some shoving matches, harsh words and intense glares.  Tonight’s game felt like game four from that standpoint.  It was very physical and while a player like Tyson Chandler was pushing and bumping into people just for the sake of appearing physical, the Nuggets played the game with physicality.  What I mean by that is defensively and on the boards they made sure they accomplished what they wanted whether holding their ground or clearing space.  They were not bumping into other players away from the ball just to be physical, they were playing basketball physically.

The other big story was Melo’s performance. The glass half full version is Denver had a great offensive game without Melo having a big night.  (In fact, he was on the bench for the entirety of the 21-0 run and did not play at all over the final 15:11.)  He still contributed on defense and he has nowhere to go but up.  The glass half empty version is he has a history of shooting a low percentage in the playoffs and his 4-12 performance in game one will only serve to exacerbate things.  I still think Melo will have a big series.  New Orleans is paying a lot of attention to him, doubling and showing help as soon as he touches the ball, but I still think he will do a better job of attacking the rim and his jumper will start falling.

Denver may have made it by the Hornets without Melo tonight, but they will need him to produce on offense if they are going to win this series.

The Nuggets have won the first game for the third time in their six recent playoff appearances.  I think this time they actually win the series.

Additional Round 1 Game 1 Nuggets

  • The Nuggets won in a blowout and the Blazers lost in a blowout.  I guess game 82 was meaningless indeed.
  • No New Orleans starter made a shot from the field over the final 17 minutes of the game (of course, Byron Scott capitulated and pulled his starters with almost nine minutes left in the game).  Peja made a three with 5:05 left in the third quarter.  Over the next 13:40 New Orleans only made two shots from the field.  The Nuggets outscored the Hornets 35-12 during that time frame. 
  • Chauncey absolutely abused poor Rasual Butler who had no chance with the way Billups was shooting the ball.  If Butler was not standing three feet beyond the three point line Chauncey would hit a three.  If he stepped out on Chauncey, Billups simply blew by him into the lane. 
  • Both coaches typically have their point guard play the full first quarter and then rest for the first six minutes of the second quarter.  Tonight Karl left Billups on the floor to start the second quarter expecting to see Paul out there as well.  When he realized Paul was taking his regular rest he quickly subbed for Chauncey. 
  • If you want proof that Melo is buying into the defensive mindset of the postseason I give you the play where he drew an offensive foul on Peja as he was attempting to shed Melo cutting through the lane and responded by letting lose a primal scream.
  • You saw it a couple of times tonight, but on the rare occasion that West is able to get in a position to score on the block instead of giving him the shot Kenyon will foul him.
  • I wish I was at the game, but if I were I would not be able to bring you this next tidbit.  Altitude had both Maya Starks and Julie Browman reporting from the game and that allowed them to interview an assistant coach from both teams.  I do not want to get the New Orleans assistant who Maya interviewed in trouble, but I think he enjoyed talking to her.  He left with a big smile on his face.  Maybe he slipped her his room key.
  • The crowd seemed to be great.  There were several cheers that broke out simultaneously ranging from “Let’s go Nuggets” to “M-V-P, M-V-P” while Chauncey was shooting free throws in the third quarter.  Regular season crowds may never do that kind of thing, but it is good to see we can still field a good group for the postseason.
  • I just realized J.R. Smith was 0-7 on threes.  I had no idea he took that many.   The Nuggets still managed to shoot 11-21 from downtown.  If there is something to be concerned about offensively it is that the Nuggets only scored 34 points in the paint.  They were too jumper happy and that has to change.
  • Denver was great on the glass only giving up 10 offensive rebounds, good for a stellar 78.7% defensive rebound percentage, and out-rebounding the Hornets by 14.  Nene led the way with 14.
  • Tyson Chandler did not have much of an impact on the game and he was favoring his bad ankle before exiting the game.

Mindboggling Game Stats

Pace Factor:  92.2 – A little slow for a Nuggets home game, but still quicker than what New Orleans likes.

Defensive Efficiency:  91.1 – Incredible performance.  The Hornets shot merely 35.1% on two point shots.

Offensive Efficiency:  122.6 – A great rating for the postseason where things are supposed to slow down and points are supposed to be difficult to come by.

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  • Josh Hopp


    We can not, however, depend on Chauncey to carry us. He was nothing short of spectacular, and no one stays that hot. I am very concerned by Melo’s showing, or lack thereof, but encouraged by Nene’s solid performance and the stellar defensive gig Martin did on West. Birdman was Birdman, LK was LK.

    They will adjust to us, or more specifically to Chauncey, so let’s hope by the time that happens Melo will have it figured out and JR keeps attacking the rim. He should warm up from downtown too; his 0-7 performance from deep brought an abrupt half to his famous streak.

  • Nuggets4

    At the game last night. No voice today. 4 hours sleep.

    It was so worth it.

  • jakester

    My thoughts:

    1) I was so frustrated earlier in the season by Chauncey’s three-point shooting in nationally televised games. What a great night for him to break out of that. But really, he played an all-around sensational offensive game. 8-0 assist-to-turnover ratio, and 8-8 from the free-throw line, were huge. Our fast break was great. And defensively, committing only one foul while making that sweet steal against CP was great to watch.

    2) I can’t wait for the game where JR goes off like Chauncey did tonight. I really do expect a 40 point performance from him in this series.

    3) I thought we got to loose balls the same way the Hornets did against us when they beat us at home. That’s going to be a major factor in this series, if we can continue to do that.

    4) I’m glad LK had a decent game: 13 efficient points, 5 rebounds, and two assists (one off his season high – no, I’m not making that up). It’s so nice to have to depend on him far less than we did last year. Can you imagine if he has one great game, a few solid games, and one or fewer crap games??

    5) This and Derrick Rose’s game has to be ranked among the best debuts by a player playing in his hometown. I’m so glad Chauncey got to do it in a Nuggets uniform. I can’t imagine having to root *against* the greatest Denver baller of all time in the playoffs!

  • Othe33

    After suffering through the Blazers’ loss in person, I really enjoyed the win last night. So good to be high off the Nuggs again.

    Carmelo had a rough night…but he was really heating up when he picked up that 4th foul right before the team made their run and he didn’t have to come in. I bet he still finishes with 20+ if he would have had to keep playing.

    There’s not much to say about Chauncey…you could tell he was feeling it from his first shot, and he just kept throwing it up there to see how hot he was…and he was on fire. I think you’re right, Jeremy, that his offensive production took the pressure off the rest of the team early, and then the Nuggets really settled in on D and drove the nail home in the third quarter.

    Games like that make we wish the could play again tonight. Do I really have to wait till Wednesday?!

  • BeefySwats

    Great game. INCREDIBLE defense played by the Nuggets, the bst I’ve really seen since I started watching them. Kenyon absolutely locked D-West up – there was more than one shot that barely drew iron and most were not inches, but FEET short of the hoop.

    However, Denver cannot rely on Chauncey to explode like that for every game in the playoffs. While we all know the capabilities of JR and Melo, we’re going to need them to step it up in the upcoming game on Wednesday and for the games in Nawlins (and the Semi-finals after that, and the WCF after that… :D)

    Wow. The first playoff win at home since the Clippers (CLIPPERS!) series in ’06. Keep it up Nugs and you may have me believing.

  • jakester

    The only 3 Billups missed was that “heat check” 3 from 30 feet out. The best part of this is that it’s going to be hard for the Hornets to continue doubling Melo every time he touches the ball.

  • CCH

    Probably my favorite game by the front line all season, talk about being intimidators. Nene, Kmart, and bird all played like beasts.
    I really hope someone put cp3 on his ass hard in this series, can’t stand that whiny little flopper.