J.R. Smith Second in the Sixth Man of the Year Voting

As expected Jason Terry won the Sixth Man of the Year award today.  He dominated the voting capturing 111 of the 121 first place votes and finishing with 576 points.  J.R. Smith was his closest competitor garnering three first place votes, 36 second place votes and 32 third place votes for a total of 155.  The only other player to total at least 100 points in the voting was New York’s Nate Robinson who finished with 113.

I think a lot of the voters probably made up their mind on this award early in the season.  The stat I imagine most voters used to make up their minds, Terry’s 19.6 to 15.2 points per game average over J.R, was misleading as Terry also had a minutes played per game advantage of 33.9 to 27.7.   

If you look closer you can see that there was very little statistical difference between the ratios and percentages for both players.  Terry has a slight advantage in points per 40 minutes, 23.2 to 22.0.  Both players averaged four assists per 40 minutes.  Terry had better field goal (46.3% to 44.6%) and free throw percentages (85.7% to 75.4%), but J.R. surpassed him every so slightly in true shooting percentage (57.6% to 57.1%).  Terry also held a small advantage in turnover ratio (7.3 to 10.2).  The one major advantage for Smith was rebounding as he nearly doubled Terry’s rebound rate (7.7 to 4.1) which equates to 5.3 rebounds per 40 minutes for Smith and only 2.8 for Terry.

When you throw in the difference in team success I think this should have been a much closer vote.

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  • Bee

    I’m happy that JR finished second and I think it speaks volumes to his progression as a player. I agree that it should have been a closer vote though. I wonder how much of it boils down to stats AND personality? I think Terry seems much more likable than JR; he appears to be almost a spokesperson for the team – like a Mavs ambassador or something. Contrasting that to JR who we all know to be young and unpredictable… I’d say this isn’t much of a surprise even if the stats were more even than they appeared to be.

  • runningdonut

    I agree with you, and minutes are probably the main factor here. Terry had a great season and despite coming off the bench played a much bigger role on the Mavs team. JR still had swings of inconsistancy but was much improved from last year. I think JR can easily win this award if he improves his free throw shooting and resists chucking when he is off. In my mind, there’s no reason JR shouldn’t be a 40 percent 3pt shooter, would you agree Jeremy?

  • sleepydog

    minutes definitely decided this award. accounting for minutes, they are about the same, with maybe a slight edge to jr. this award is as much public relations as any other. as to being a 40% 3pt shooter, jr has the ability, but its just not who he is. to be a consistent 40% shooter you have to be very conservative about taking 3s. part of who jr is, and a large part of why i like him so much, is that he is forever fearless. i think no matter how mature he gets, if he gets hot from distance, he’ll shoot until hes no longer hot. its the same mentality that gets him 11 3s in a game and lets him blow up for so many points at any time