Is Dirk’s Girlfriend in Jail?

I had this whole post about how Dirk’s visitor/tenant/friend/girlfriend/pregnant fiancé had been arrested and how I tend to ignore stories like that, but an article today in the Dallas Morning News made me realize this was a much bigger story than I was giving it credit for.  Then I had to load some ridiculous program on my computer and restart it for my actual job so I saved the file and closed it.  Now my post is gone so I must have done something wrong.

Anyway, you can read the articles for yourself if you have not already.  Ball Don’t Lie has the basic story down (thanks to Nate at Pickaxe and Roll for the link) and the Dallas Morning News article I read can be found here.

I had pieced together some of the more interesting quotes, but do not feel like doing it again so here is my paraphrased version of the good stuff.

There was a lady, Cristal Taylor, who was arrested in Dirk’s house, she had a criminal past comprised of various forms of fraud.  She was someone who had some form of relationship with Dirk.  An unnamed fried of Taylor’s said she was engaged to Dirk and carrying his baby.  Taylor’s mom refuted that though saying she had no knowledge of either of those developments.  Dirk has said he had a girlfriend, but there was never any confirmation of who she was.  However, Taylor had been seen watching the Mavericks with Dirk’s father when he was visiting from Germany.

The Mavericks had spoken to Dirk about his relationship with Taylor and it was apparently causing some friction (whether the friction was between Dirk and his teammates or Dirk and management was not made clear).  They were able to convince Dirk that she was worth checking out and Taylor’s arrest may have been a result of the work of a private investigator working for Dirk.  Taylor is being held on $20,000 bail, which Dirk is in the position to pay if he really wanted to so at this point it is possible to surmise that Dirk wants his close acquaintance/girlfriend/pregnant fiancé to be in jail.

When discussing how he was not going to discuss these events for the press one report said he had big bags under his eyes.  He may be losing sleep over this situation, but claims he will be good to go tomorrow.

Mentally I fully expect Dirk to be ready to play in game three and beyond, but if he is really struggling with this situation and losing sleep, as his physical appearance at practice would suggest, that will make a difference in his performance.  Plus it is embarrassing so should the series return to Denver Nuggets fans will have a bunch of new material to use to taunt Dirk with.

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  • DHinNYC

    I had the same thought: That the only way this affects Dirk, I imagine, is if he loses sleep. (Which if I was him, I sure would. I mean, how effing awkward!) But seeing as how he played as well as he could and they STILL got killed, I’d be more worried about Jason Kidd’s relations if I was a Mavs fan.