2009 NBA Playoffs Round 2 Game 4: Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks

Get ready for a bunch of numbers and jibber jabber to prepare you for game four of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals between the Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks, next on TNT.

There have been 86 instances where an NBA team has had a 3-0 lead in a best of seven series.  Denver and Cleveland are numbers 87 and 88. 

Out of the previous 86 series where a team has taken a 3-0 lead into game four, they have gone on to win game four 52 times (60.5% sweep rate).  An additional 25 series (29.1%) ended in game five.  Only six series (went six games 7.0%) and three of the 86 series (3.5%) went the full seven games.  If you have been paying attention, that leaves zero series where the team up 3-0 has gone on to lose the series. 

As the Boston Red Sox proved back in 2004, that which has never been accomplished is not necessarily impossible, just unbelievably unlikely.  At this point I will gladly take the 3-0 lead as opposed to the chance to make history.

From the Mavericks’ standpoint we are left to wonder how they will react to the devastation from the inability to foul convincingly in a game where there 1.3 fouls per minute.  Do they bounce back and try to get back at the officials by delivering a butt whooping or do they fade away into the night like a broken man having watched his wife violated by her lover?  Sorry, I do not know where that came from.

Getting back to the topic of tasks never before completed, guess what franchise has never swept a playoff series of any length?  You guessed it the Denver Rockets/ABA Nuggets/NBA Nuggets have never swept anybody.  Check it out for yourself, I did.  How does that news strike you?

Basically tonight we get to see what will happen out of a range of unlikely options.  History tells us the majority of series where a team has a 3-0 lead end in sweeps, however, history also tells us the Nuggets are not going to sweep anyone and what are the chances of them beating a quality team nine times in a row? 

On the other hand Dallas has a chance to commence on a comeback journey the likes no NBA team has ever completed while having to put aside their feelings of dejection and heartbreak from roughly 50 hours prior.

I have no idea what will happen.  Is it possible both teams will lose?

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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  • Othe33

    I’m pulling for a sweep.

    Of course, all things considered, I can’t think of a bad thing about a game five. Sure, you always want to win, but game five is in Denver, where the Nuggets have been dominant. Mark Cuban would be dumb enough/cocky enough to set foot in the arena (after watching that footage of Kenyon, I wouldn’t be caught dead in any enclosed space with him if I was Cuban, regardless of how large), and the franchise would benefit from another huge bit of ticket revenue.

    I won’t be at all disappointed if that doesn’t happen. Let’s get this over and done with so we can rest and wait for whomever limps out of the top half of the bracket.

  • magster

    I predict a Nugget blowout. Hopefully K-Mart won’t confront Cuban in public and get himself suspended for Game 1 of the conference finals.

  • magster

    Just call me a prophet. We are making jump shots tonight.

  • king_couttsy

    What the hell just happened??? Flagrant 2 on Melo when we had the ball???

  • king_couttsy

    Ok – ESPN’s website is making a liar out of me?!?!?!

  • magster

    Melo was really stupid. What was he thinking? It looked like his pinkie grazed Wright.

  • KC Gunner

    It wasn’t terribly bright of Melo, but Wright was being a colossal ass.

    I loved those last 4 seconds of the half though (and all the great break-away dunks) — the Mavs are such a soft, weak team. If we can get a little run going in the 3d, I think the fight (what little is left) fully evaporates from these wimps.

  • magster

    14-23 from the free throw line. That’s not even 2/3rds. Not good.

  • KC Gunner

    Ok, maybe I gloated too soon. But if the Nuggets battle back out in front again here, I think the Mavs wilt.

  • magster

    Birdman Hilario!

  • KC Gunner

    Oh man, loved that bankshot from JR. And great rebound by Melo and Bass loses it for technial.

  • magster

    Nice Wright, perform a blatant flop and then get a T.

  • magster

    Our offense has no energy.

  • Business Socks

    OK OK. We have to wait one more game to finish off the Mavs. No big deal. I can be patient. Let them have their pride saving one win. Let’s get em Wednesday night with a raucous crowd at the Pepsi Center. 113-94. This is just a small bump in the road.

  • BeefySwats

    This game was lost on the back of Kleiza and Carter. They were both terrible, and missed freethrows KILLED us in a tight game.

    Not to mention we gave up not one, not two, but THREE 30+ quarters. Denver’s defensive intensity has really fallen off – just like it did midseason – and that is really concerning me. This was a game to step on the throat of Dallas, and we let it slip away.

    We better play like our balls are on fire in Game 5. I’m going to be there.

  • Business Socks

    BeefySwats. Why Kleiza even gets a single minute in the playoffs is beyond my wildest comprehension. I cringe every single time he enters the game. He has absolutely no business in these games. It is a joke. That is the single most troublesome thing about this postseason for me so far. What does Karl see in this guy that the rest of us don’t? Especially knowing he has a broken finger! Unreal.

  • BeefySwats

    – Kleiza may have posted the highest +/- but that is very misleading. He played terrible defense, fumbled the ball on offense, and generally looked lost on the court. He’s also playing with a broken finger. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET BALKMAN OFF THE BENCH, KARL.

    – Anthony Carter cannot keep up with JJ Barea. At all. It’s not even close. JJB is like an F1 streaking past a turtle when Carter guards him, and it completely collapses the Nuggets defense. Carter’s minutes were terrible this game.

    – Free throws. We missed 12, yes, TWELVE FREE THROWS in a two point game. I have been saying all along that our poor FT shooting would come back to bite us in the ass, and here it did, in a huge playoff game.

    – Melo was huge, clutch, amazing, whatever you want to call it. Antoine’s flop was terrible and I think Melo was fully justified in shoving him off when he wouldn’t let go underneath.

    – Nene was, once again, a complete nonfactor. How can Nene be so dominant some games and get completely outplayed in others? 9 points and 8 rebounds against a frontline featuring Brandon Bass and Erick Dampier? That’s shameful.

    – Denver really missed Chris Andersen in the post. When he’s in the game, Denver forces Dallas to play perimeter because of his shotblocking presence.

    – Denver had a 14 point lead and pissed it away.

    – For all Kenyon’s talk of “handling it”, he sure didn’t handle it this game. 2 points, 2 rebounds, 6 fouls.

    – Denver is going to come out PISSED in game 5. If I was Chauncey I would be staring these guys down hard. We blinked, Dallas won, and now it’s back to Denver. Time to seal this thing up.

  • Business Socks

    I rocked my lucky Nene jersey from the 02-03 season tonight and it was of no use luck wise. Nene has been wildly disappointing so far on the road in this series. He hasn’t been able to finish at the rim, missed lots of free throws and hasn’t been anything to write home about defensively either. That is the one guy that really needs to pick it up in order for us to pull this off in 5 at home. After his first two games – and considering he’d be going up against Dampier and Bass on a nightly basis – I thought he’d be the one absolute constant in this series.