Western Conference Finals Schedule

After the Houston Rockets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 95-80 to force a game seven in their Western Conference Semifinal series the NBA announced the schedule for the Western Conference Finals.  

I am sure you all know the format, but just in case should the Lakers win Denver will play at Los Angeles in Games one and two, while games three and four will be in Denver.  “If necessary” games five and seven will be back in L.A. with game six in Denver.  If Houston wins game seven against the Lakers on Sunday the Nuggets will have home court advantage in Games one and two and in the “if necessary” games five and seven.

Game 1 – Tuesday, May 19, time TBD on ESPN

Game 2 – Thursday, May 21, TBD on ESPN

Game 3 – Saturday, May 23, TBD on ABC

Game 4 – Monday, May 25, TBD on ESPN

Game 5* – Wednesday, May 27, TBD, ESPN

Game 6* – Friday, May 29, TDB, ESPN

Game 7* – Sunday, May 31, TBD, ABC

* – If necessary

Mark your calendars!  Plus, I promise some game five thoughts tomorrow.

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  • jakester

    I’m so glad tickets will be on sale before the lakers series is over. Hopefully this mitigates some of what happened with the Rockies against the Roid Sox in that series.

    Nugs are 6-0 on their home court in the playoffs and 2-2 on the road, with 3 games coming down to the last shot and one the biggest blowout in NBA playoff history. Not bad…

  • Stumbleweed

    Sweet, just got first row of the uppers tickets for Game 4 (LA) or Game 2 (HOU)… pre-sale FTW. Hopefully they aren’t a part of the lottery — my friend bought some for the Mavs series and they got yanked out from under her because they got sold at the lottery somehow.. bummer.

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com jeremy

    Time for me to join in the fun. I have tickets to home games one and three! I cannot wait.