2009 Western Conference Finals Game 5: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers Live Blog/Game Thread

NBA Shootaround on ESPN360

Nuggets at Lakers on ESPN360

With so much on the line tonight we are going all out to document the action.  Kurt Helin from Forum Blue and Gold and yours truly will be running a tag team live blog right here on Roundball Mining Company for game five of the Western Conference Finals.

Will Carmelo bounce back from two disappointing performances in Denver?  Can Denver continue to overcome the Lakers’ size in the lane or will the Lakers repeat their dominance from game one?  Is J.R. Smith about to catch fire and go on one of his incredible hot streaks?  Can Kobe keep carrying the Lakers game after game?  Will L.A. get Pau the ball?  Will Andrew Bynum start playing like he is the biggest dude on the court like he did in the fourth quarter of game four?  What will Dahntay Jones do for his next flagrant foul?  Will we see a game with over 100 free throws attempted?  Will any member of the Lakers’ supporting cast have a big game?  Which team will put a strangle hold on this series?

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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By the way, I was on the NBA Today podcast with Jason Smith today. We talk about getting in Kobe’s head and whether or not the Nuggets can win a game seven in Los Angeles.

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  • jakester

    Nothing to do with the Nuggets or Lakers, but I think someone should harness the awesome power of the blogosphere to show travelling violations, such as Howards’ here:


    Forget the T, how about the T-ravel?

    Oh, and good article about how Chauncey should go to the HOF. 6 more wins this post season and I think it’s a slam dunk, as they say. http://www.nba.com/2009/news/features/vince_thomas/05/27/thomas.billups/index.html

  • stephenmp

    My fantasy for tonight’s game: Carmelo Anthony, recovered fully from Monday’s ailments, comes out and plays his best postseason game yet, dishes out a bunch of assists to go with 30-40 points, including the game-winning shot.

  • magster

    My fantasy is a Nugget blowout. I really have not enjoyed this series while the game is on, even when we win, because of the angst (I enjoy our wins immensely after the fact).

    It’s only a game, it’s only a game….

  • stephenmp

    I hear you about the angst. I actually feel lucky that I can’t watch tonight because I’m busy with other commitments!

  • king_couttsy

    I’m with you, Magster. Given I can’t watch live (given I’m on the other side of the world), I am reduced to watching ESPN’s Gamecast and I have no fingernails left after the first 4 games. It’s been so damned close, that I’d love a blow out, just to leave me something to chew on when we return home.

    Tied at 56 at the half – would love to start knocking down our 3’s, and playing some better D. My concern right now is that Kobe has only taken 4 shots – I have this awful feeling that he’s going to explode in the second half…

  • king_couttsy

    No falling in love with the 3-ball, Melo. One is enough for now…

  • king_couttsy

    I’ll go out on a limb – this one is all over… Some sloppy play at the start of the 4th, and she’s out to a 9 point deficit…

    Scoreless for the first 3:24 (and counting) in the last…

  • magster

    Well, that game lived up to all of my dire pessimism…JR sucked tonight. He had to have been 0-10 from 3 pt. land.

  • jakester

    Amazing that they got within 4 near the end after all their missed 3s and missed layups (slash non-dunks). Yes, the Lakers did a good job of contesting many of the layups, but they came back and haunted us. And the turnovers! My god, the turnovers.

    It’s really kind of stunning that we let them (LET THEM!) go on a 21-3 run and still had a shot. Nene fouled out and Martin was our Center, and we still had a shot!

    Okay, let’s just win Game 6 and deal with everything from there.