A Thank You to the Denver Nuggets for a Great Season

First of all, congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers.  They are truly the best team in the Western Conference and I think have a great chance at becoming the 2009 NBA champions.

While we are all disappointed in the outcome of the Western Conference Finals the Denver Nuggets have given us a very memorable year of basketball.  There will be plenty of time to discuss what went wrong in game six and what needs to be different next season for this team to be a champion.  For tonight let’s just appreciate the accomplishments of this team.

Thank you to the players, coaches, front office and ownership for all the hard work over the past few months and few years that has gone in to making the Denver Nuggets the second best team in the Western Conference.

I have no idea what the future holds, but it certainly seems that this team can have an incredible future.  As Carmelo Anthony said in the postgame press conference this is a beginning not an ending.  I cannot wait to see what the 2009-10 season has in store for this franchise.

I would also like to thank those of you who take the time to read and comment on this blog.  Without you this is just a quadi psychotic diary.  The fact that you choose to spend your time reading what I have to say means a lot to me and I will always do my best to make this a website worth visiting.

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  • Business Socks

    I can toast to that. The journey the Nuggets have taken us on has been extremely fun. I will always remember this year. Very sad to see it over with not, but what incredible memories we will all have when we look back on this. This team was not just good it was fun to watch. When you follow a team for offseasons, preseason, 82 games, then the playoffs you can become emotionally attached – almost as if they are part of your family. There have been many years where I have questioned why I spend so much time following an NBA basketball team but this year was not one of those times. This team made me proud, this team made it all worth it. We had the best chance to win a title since I have been alive and every second of it was incredible. I will be somber for a couple of days, then, I will start looking forward to next year with enthusiasm and optimism.

    Also, thanks to you Jeremy. You have taught me a lot about the game of basketball reading your blog over the course of the year and to that I am grateful. Looking forward to the offseason coverage. Keep up the good work, sir.

    Keep your chin up Nuggets fans. This is a team you can be proud of. Only one wins it all every year and, unfortunately, this year it won’t be us.

  • Nuggets4

    More importantly — thank you to Jeremy for this blog. Truly the best Nuggets site on the net.

    Thank you JEremy.

  • BeefySwats

    Thanks for providing exhaustive, insightful analysis all season, Jeremy. I’ve been here every step of the way with you and read your blog daily.

    I am saddened by their loss, but still thrilled that the Nuggets progressed farther than they ever have before.

    It’s going to be a long summer. I will see you in 5 months, back on Altitude, with Chauncey, Melo, Nene, JR, Kenyon, and the Bird again.

    Go Denver. :)

  • BeefySwats


    Here’s my ultra-short in-brief idea of how the offseason (I hope) will go:

    Denver releases/trades: Linas Kleiza, Anthony Carter, Dahntay Jones, Stephen Hunter.

    Denver acquires: Brandon Bass, Marcin Gortat, Jerryd Bayless.

    Denver 2010 starting lineup:

    PG: Chauncey Billups/Jerryd Bayless
    SG: J.R. Smith/Sonny Weems
    C: Nene/Marcin Gortat/Johan Petro
    PF: Kenyon Martin/Chris Andersen
    SF: Carmelo Anthony/Brandon Bass/Renaldo Balkman

    I think that’s a solid lineup, assuming we can get Gortat, Bayless, and Bass. Gortat is only making $711,000, Bayless is making $1,993,000, and Bass is making $826,000.

    We fill our need for: a good, young, backup PG, JR moves into starting SG, we shore up our SF with Bass with some more size, and we get another competent big man in Gortat.

    The salaries even match, honestly. I think this would be ideal for Denver. Can we pull it off? I think it will be hard to steal Bayless from Portland and Bass from Dallas, but maybe we can throw in some sweeteners.

    Go Nuggets!

  • Josh Hopp

    Hell of a season Nuggets faithful. Thanks for great coverage jeremy on your new site.

    Btw Beefy, no way we get Bayless from Pritchard, they are very high on him. And Gortat’s value is about to skyrocket as Howard’s first backup in the NBA finals.

  • Frontrange

    I like Bass. . . but here is another suggestion. 9M salary slot for Biedris. Athletic, young big man, would be a good fit on the Nugs. Would be expensive, would it be worth it?

    Another possibility: Kirk Hinrich + 1st for a 9M salary slot. Go with a three gaurd rotation of Kirk/Smith/Billups who could all play the 1 and 2.

    Big ? is how much luxury Stan will be willing to pay on the back of 9 playoff games.

  • Alan15

    You think Weems has a chance to get into the rotation this year?

    Good job this season Jeremy. Lets go 2009-2010 Nuggs!

  • runningdonut

    I do think Weems should see time next year. He’s an inexpensive player with potential who was one of the best in the D-league this year. Of all the Nuggets free agents Dahntay and AC are the most expendable. JR should now get the lions share of SG minutes, and Dahntay will not want to resign for the minimum. I this is true with AC as well.

    Besides resigning Birdman the Nuggets need to decide what to do with Kleiza and Petro. The Nuggets need a new backup PG and a big who can crack the rotation behind Nene.

  • Frontrange

    That is 9 home playoffs games . .two more than Cleveland. That must be worth ~15M extra profit and 20M+ extra revenues, no?

  • Josh Hopp

    I would hang onto AC. I’m not sold that Heinrich is even a significant upgrade from him as a backup 1, and would certainly be far more expensive. I do not think its unreasonable to assume AC would resign at the minimum. He has a reputation around the league for being a turnover prone, inefficient guy. He fits our system very well bringing pace off the bench to relieve Chauncey.

  • DP

    Yeah, we lost games and the series to LA.

    I have a tendency to forget the fact that we were AHEAD in all but one of the games played. I felt that losing game #1 and more importantly game #3, was the turning point of the series.

    Regardless, Nuggets will be back, hopefully bigger, stronger and better 😉