Time to Get Back to Work

OK, I have sloughed off long enough.  By now it would be silly to post anything about game six since it went down eons ago in Internet time.  It was obvious that it was more about the Los Angeles Lakers playing great basketball than anything the Denver Nuggets did or did not do (although they certainly have acquitted themselves better than they did).

Anyway, I apologize for disappearing for the past week, but I tend to be a deadline driven person (i.e. a procrastinator) so without the impetus of another game on the schedule it became a little too easy for me to tell myself I would toss up a post tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow has finally arrived.  You can look forward to some player by player analysis, a little bit of season review and info on any current events that must be commented on all leading up to what the Denver Nuggets need to do next season in order to be the 2010 NBA Champions.

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