Denver Nuggets Do Not Draft DeJuan Blair

A couple of picks before the Nuggets were up I commented on the draft live blog that I wanted DeJuan Blair so badly that it guaranteed that either someone would pick him right in front of Denver or they would pass on him.

Anyone ever heard of Sergio Llull?

Me neither.  If you want to know more about Mr. Llull (seriously, he has that many l’s in his name) here is his Draft Express profile.

As excited as I was about Denver acquiring Ty Lawson, I am that disappointed in their selection of Llull.  To make matters worse, Blair ended up going to San Antonio.  That was just pouring salt in the wound.

Update: Denver sold the draft rights to Llull to the Houston Rockets.  I understand Denver wants to save as much money as possible, but what makes me mad is you can save money by having a player like Blair who has a bottom dollar contract on your team.  They will now have to spend much more on a veteran big, whether it be Johan Petro or someone else, to provide that depth.

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  • runningdonut

    The money received from Llull cancels out the additional cost of Lawson’s deal, so overall I am not dissapointed with the draft day for the Nuggets. They got their man, while trying to preserve enough flexibility to sign Birdman.

    After thinking about it, I’m not very bummed about missing Blair. Apparently, no Doctor in the entire league was willing to bless the pick, and many teams passed him up twice. The Doctors in OKC did the same thing rescinding the Chandler trade – the seriousness of his injury kept him out or useless for the rest of the year, and they recognized that. Signing Birdman is about a jillion times more important anyhow.

  • nugdog

    Did you watch Blair in the Pitt – UConn game? One of the toughest guys I have ever seen, he just manhandled Thabeet. If he’s hurt he will work his ass of to come back, I see him being a big baby type player, and you can see how much baby helped out the C’s in the playoffs.

  • Stumbleweed

    It would’ve been nice to use that pick on someone that we keep, but if it gives us any additional flexibility to re-sign Bird and get another big man to contribute off the bench, I’m all for it. Sound like they got a decent amount of cash for it.

    Lawson was a coup — I think he’ll be a big spark for us off the bench because of his speed and his careful nature with the ball… not so many stupid AC turnovers but he’ll still push the pace and get everyone running. If he can keep shooting even close to what he did last year from deep (and the Nugs coaching staff seems good at improving shooting ability anyway) and still get into the lane with his speed, we’ll be in good shape.

    If Dahntay doesn’t want to sign for the minimum again, we should let him walk. Same with AC, though I’d be inclined to just let him walk period since we got Lawson… not too worried about a Billups injury since he’s fairly durable. I’d rather keep Hart at the minimum that re-sign AC for anything more than that… it is nice to have a 3rd PG just in case something crazy happens since it’s such an important role on the team…