Denver Nuggets to Trade for Ty Lawson

According to Ric Bucher the Denver Nuggets will send the future first round pick owed to them by Charlotte in exchange for North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson.

As players like Jrue Holiday, Eric Maynor and Lawson kept falling I thought it brought those players into Denver’s wheelhouse.

Before the draft I did not want to give up the Bobcats’ pick, but I knew I could talk myself into it for Lawson or Maynor and I already feel pretty good about it.  Lawson should be a very good fit in Denver.  He greatly improved his three point shooting last season and can learn the finer points of defense from Chauncey Billups.

The Nuggets can now focus on best player available with pick 34.

Update: The Denver Post confirms the trade.

At this point I would be happy with trading number 34 and next year’s first rounder to move up and draft DeJuan Blair.  If they want to, they can get it done.

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  • runningdonut

    Super rad. Charlotte’s pick might have been wasted on dumping Hunter, and now we got Lawson. I like Teague very much too but I think the Nuggets wanted a guy more ready to play right away. Yes.

  • runningdonut

    What’s crazy is last year I remember reading the Nugs planned to draft Lawson (before he went back to school) with the 20th pick before they traded it to Charlotte. Now they turned that pick back into Lawson a year later. Bravo

  • Nuggets4

    I am unbelievably happy right now!

    Now keep it in the North Carolina family guys and draft Danny Green with #34.