Looking for Signs

The pilot episode of Seinfeld was called The Seinfeld Chronicles and it surrounded a crisis of conscience where a woman Jerry recently met called him to say she was coming to New York and she asked if she could stay at his apartment. Jerry had only met the woman once and even though they got along very well, he had no idea what her intentions were. Did she want to stay in his bed? Did he need to bring in an extra bed? He had no idea.

If Jerry does not have an extra mattress for her to sleep on he ran the risk of looking like a presumptuous pig. On the other hand, if he brought in an extra mattress he may miss an opportunity to, well, you know.

The only option at Jerry’s disposal was to try to read the signs she gave him. Needless to say this strategy provided little assistance starting with her unorthodox greeting after deplaning at the airport.

In the end Jerry finds out she has a fiancé.

Why do I mention this? The Nuggets have this player named Chris Andersen and we really want him to be more than an acquaintance. We want him to be part of the family. Right now he has the freedom to join anyone’s family and we are left to look for signs that indicate he will stay here with us.

So far we have seen a few promising signs. Andersen has said he wants to stay with us and the family acquired $2.25 million to keep him here.

I just received another sign in our favor in the form of a press release. Andersen will be holding his first annual “Birdman’s Back to School Camp” this August for kids between the ages of seven and 18. Click here for information on the camp itself.

I think it is promising that Birdman is planning a summer camp in Denver. I doubt he would be doing so if he thought there was much of a chance that he is playing somewhere else next season. On the other hand, he loves Denver and it is likely that no matter where he signs he will still summer right here in Colorado.

Still, I am looking for signs and whether it is right or not, I am going to take any sign I can as the gospel truth and I encourage all of you to do the same.

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