Denver Nuggets Announce their Summer League Roster

The two big names on the Denver Nuggets’ summer league roster are Sonny Weems and Ty Lawson.  It will be fun to see what Weems can do after lighting up the D-League and of course it will be a lot of fun to check out Lawson’s first taste of quasi NBA ball too.

Apart from those two there are a couple of intriguing names on the list.

Derrick Byars is a sweet shooting swingman from Vanderbilt who, if memory serves, was a second round draft pick by Dallas last season.  Richard Hendrix is a big boy who specializes in scoring in the lane.  He is a poor man’s Zach Randolph and I think he belongs in the league somehwere.

There are a couple of players who were on NBA rosters last season.  From that category we have Kareem Rush who is an unrestricted free agent after playing with Philadelphia last season.  Cedric Simmons was a mamber of the Chicago Bulls before getting shipped off to the Sacramento Kings in the trade that saw the Bulls acquire Brad Miller and John Salmons.

The big name we should have all seen coming from a mile away is none other than Coby Karl.  Karl did a very good job last summer in Las Vegas so I expect him to look good again.  He probably does belong in the NBA at the end of someone’s bench.

A couple of interesting things to take note of is Lawson is the only true point guard on the roster.  Look for him to play almost every second he possibly can as he gets a crash course on how to play NBA defense.  Karl would probably be considered the backup point guard  (showcasing his versatility to the rest of the NBA?).

They also have three shooters on the roster on a list of nine guys, because shooting is an important skill to have.

No. Player Pos. Ht. Wt. Birthdate School/Country Exp.
8 Derrick Byars G/F 6-7 220 4/25/84 Vanderbilt R
7 Ronald Dupree F 6-7 209 1/26/81 LSU 5
12 C.J. Giles F/C 6-11 240 9/25/85 Oregon State R
6 Richard Hendrix F 6-9 255 11/15/86 Alabama R
22 Coby Karl G 6-5 215 3/6/83 Boise State 1
3 Ty Lawson G 5-11 195 11/3/87 North Carolina R
10 Kareem Rush G 6-6 215 10/30/80 Missouri 6
5 Cedric Simmons F 6-9 235 1/3/86 North Carolina State 3
13 Sonny Weems G/F 6-6 203 7/8/86 Arkansas 1

Keep in mind that these rosters are fluid and they may add a player or two.

I do not expect any of these guys to make the regular season roster for Denver unless they are not abel to sign anyone in free agency and lose Dahntay Jones and Linas Kleiza. Perhaps hte best opportunity would be if Ronald Dupree can prove to replace Jones as the defensive swingman.

Click here to see the schedule.  No news on TV or Internet coverage as of yet.

Update: Dupree and Hendrix are also playing for the Orlando Magic in the Orlando Summer League. If Orlando signs one or both to a contract they will not be playing for Denver.

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  • Frontrange

    Looks like Gortat is going to sign with Dallas . .this could open the door for Bass to leave and signing him on the cheap could be a steal.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Bass would be nice, but I’m sure there is a fairly decent market for a 24 year old 6′-8″ 250 lb power forward.

  • runningdonut

    Is Coby Karl a PG? Also I am with Jeremy, none of these dudes besides Sonny and Ty. Maybe a big like Rich Hendrix on a minimum contract.

    Kleiza generating a lot of interest, are we going to match offers? What about sign and trade to Toronto for Anthony Parker? Or S&T to the Cavs for JJ Hickson???

  • runningdonut

    Sign Leon Powe with the remaining MLE money from Birdman.

    He will punish the Celtics for giving up on him. No one will believe in him because of injury. The champ will be back to prove them wrong. Tough as hell, championship experience and should have been a Nugget from the start. Bring him back and wait out the injury – reap the rewards later. He only needs to play behind Kenyon

  • eric.yates

    I like adding Frye. He’s got noticable, relevant skills, which is more than anyone can say for Petro. He’s not a great defender, but that’s what Bird is for on the second team.

    My take is that they should let Kleiza walk too. He is very offenseive minded, and when you have JR (and now Lawson) on the second team, someone will need to do the the little things. Getting Hill would be a TREMENDOUS upgrade at that spot. He just knows how to play and will make that entire unit better.

    A second five of Lawson, JR (assuming Dahntay is re-signed), Hill, Frye, and Bird is a scary good second team. Even better than LA’s.

  • eric.yates

    Don’t sleep on Derrick Byars either. I don’t know why he’s not in the league somewhere. Just a solid all-around player and would be a great practice guy to push everyone and make them better.