Chris Andersen Contract Talks Progressing Slowly

The Denver Post reported on Saturday that the Denver Nuggets and Chris Andersen were having “amicable” discussions as they work towards a contract agreement. The Post claims that Denver is hoping to keep Birdman’s first year salary down around $3.0 million to reduce the luxury tax hit while Andersen and his representatives are looking for a five year, $25 million contract. Andersen knows this will be his last chance to sign a contract and the financial security of a five year deal is huge for him.

I am a little surprised that things have not been wrapped up as of yet, but it sounds like the two sides are nearing an agreement where both parties get what is most important to them.

If things drag on too long, you know other teams are just waiting and hoping that the Nuggets make a mistake which creates an opening for them to jump in and snatch Birdman up.  Plus the longer things with Andersen drag out the more difficult it is for Denver to fully pursue other free agents such as Channing Frye and Grant Hill who are both being wooed by other contenders.

Nevertheless, Denver must sign Birdman to have any chance to compete next season.  I thought it would be unlikely that Birdman would leave Denver a week ago and I think it is even more unlikely right now, but nothing is official until Andersen puts his Herbie Hancock on the dotted line. Players can start signing their contracts as soon as tomorrow once the NBA announces the official salary cap and luxury tax levels.

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  • DHinNYC

    herbie hancock. nice. let’s hope they bag this bird and then go for little gasol. is that still foreseeable? i’d take hill too, though is sort of an older version of Kleiza no?

  • Stumbleweed

    No way Memphis parts with Marc Gasol…

    And Grant Hill is so unlike Kleiza it’s crazy. All LK can do is bomb threes at 34% and leak out to finish on the break while Hill is a versatile scorer who can still take people off the dribble, shoot the mid-range shot, and has an improved 3PT game as well from his time with PHX. Plus, even at 36, he’s a very solid defender… LK never defended anything. I’m not 100% sold on getting Hill (I’d rather have the younger, bigger, and slightly better shooter in Matt Barnes), but he’s a big upgrade over LK any way you slice it. Being able to create for others and not just chuck up open shots is his main advantage over Kleiza though.

  • runningdonut

    Assuming they get Birdman for partial MLE next year, who would you most want to pursue with the rest? Frye, G Hill or someone else?