Goodbye Dahntay Jones

The Denver Post is reporting the Indiana Pacers have come to a contract agreement with Dahntay Jones on a four year, $11 million deal.

All I can say to that is congratulations Dahntay.  There is no way I would have given him that much money or that many years.

With J.R. Smith and Sonny Weems Denver has plenty of offensive firepower at shooting guard, but neither one is a defensive specialist.  Smith has made tremendous improvement on defense over the previous two seasons, but he still has a way to go, primarily in the are of providing consistent focus from play to play.

What the Nuggets do from here depends on how confident they are that J.R. can continue to improve his defense and whether or not they trust Weems to contribute in his second season.

If Denver has doubts about one or both of those issues they will have to bring in a legit shooting guard who can defend.  Players like Keith Bogans, Ime Udoka and perhaps Marquis Daniels, who may be out of the picture in Indiana with Jones now on board, are decent possibilities.

One player I would love to see come to Denver is Aaron Afflalo from Detroit.  He is not a free agent, but with the addition of Ben Gordon there is not going to be many minutes available for him to get on the court.  Afflalo can defend very well and increased his three point shooting to 40.2% last season.

On the other hand, if Denver is happy with their shooting guard duo of Smith and Weems, look for them to stand pat and spend their limited amount of money elsewhere.

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  • TheseNuggs

    Regardless of Denver being painfully slow in the free agent market as of late I still have to say that I feel good about still being a contender. Now do i think the nuggets are done looking for more pieces? I say no. One must just look into the not so distant past at how the management is working it. The nuggets have not been apart of hardly any rumors at all to tell you the truth but nothing was really talked about Ty Lawson as well in the draft. When push came to shove and the window was open they pulled the trigger and snagged arguably the most effecient point guard in the class. There were a few hints here and there up to that point to suggest Denver had something up there sleeves just like right now i believe they still have maybe one or two free agents they have in mind that there pretty sure about as well as multiple trade screnerios with that trade exception worth nearly at 10 million dollars that must be used within these next months.thats simply put huge. To dumb it down that is basicaly trading a minimum salary player who probably gets no burn off the bench for a 10 million dollar a year stud. So while we as nugget fans are frustrated to not hear much going on I think management, karl and lately carmelo anthony have all been dropping little hints like “were not done”. Now with the loss of dahntay that hurts as for he wast my favorite of our free agents other than the birdman but its nice to see him get a nice chunk of money. Thats just too expensive for the nuggets right now. Ill be holding out hope that we dont sign carter back unless it be very cheap once again and only get kleiza back if its meant for a sign and trade. On one last note Im just going to say how much more of a fun I became of the birdman since his resigning. Think about it, there isnt any loyalty to a team like that these days alot of it is money or other agendas is what matters to a player most not realy the whole family aspect of it. While birdman did get paid quite a bit for a over 30 backup center its nice to see that hes willing to not only backload his contract for help improving the nuggets possibly in other agents but also seeing it “incentive based” makes me feel alot better knowing this kid will still be playing with reckless abandonment much like this last year. You hear players who are all talk saying oh yeah id love to be back and im willing to take pay cuts this and that but look at ariza and odoms situation with the lakers. Its just nice to know that I think all the players love the city and the fans of denver just as much as we love them.

  • TheseNuggs

    Again sorry for obvious grammatical errors regarding spelling and punctuation.
    I do my best to try and keep my writings as short and meaningful as possible I obviously fail. Ha but things sometimes need to be said without having to spend another 20 minutes or so trying to check all my errors. Keep the Nugget News coming!

  • bolvbball

    After watching Dahntay Jones throughout the playoffs,im wondering what Larry Bird and comp.see in him,because if Defense is his calling card,im one Nuggets fan to say he isn’t all that good.Kobe torched him over and over.The only thing came to mind after watching him play was “Thug#2,right behind Thug#1KMart.