Phoenix Suns to Sign Channing Frye and Grant Hill

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Phoenix Suns will sign both Grant Hill and Channing Frye (thanks to Stumbleweed for passing on the news).

Frye’s contract is for less money than I suspect the Denver Nuggets were offering at two years and $3.8 million.  That is lower than the biannual exception which starts at $1.99 million for 2009-10.  However, with Shaq out of the picture Phoenix had the most playing time to offer, which is always important.

With Frye off the table if the Nuggets are going to improve their front court depth via free agency, they are down to players such as Drew Gooden and Joe Smith.  Brandon Bass is intriguing, but there are quite a few teams interested in him and it is highly unlikely the Mavericks would be interested in a sign and trade with Denver (Update: Bass has reportedly agreed to sign with Orlando).  Ditto with Paul Millsap and Utah.  Glen Davis is also still in play, but as with Bass and Millsap the Nuggets do not have the money to pry him away from Boston.  If Denver is interested in Davis, and there are no indications that they are, with the addition of Rasheed Wallace the Celtics may be interested in a sign and trade as well.

If the Nuggets are going to make a big splash it appears the only chance of that happening would be with a sign and trade with New York for David Lee.  Now that Hill is returning to Phoenix New York may have renewed interest in acquiring Linas Kleiza.

As I tell my daughter, patience is a virtue, but I do not think the author of that phrase was familiar with the NBA free agency meat market.

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  • Othe33

    I’m very glad I don’t have to watch Channing Frye try and learn how to shoot a fade away during garbage time for the next 3 years.

    I still think the coming season will be decided in large part by JR’s attitude after all he is facing during his “time off”. He still has room to grow as a player…a thought that excites me just sitting here. Does he make another leap?

  • runningdonut

    Either we’re being cheap or looking for a beter opportunity to improve. Getting Petro back for a discount and swinging a deal for Afflalo sound pretty good right now.

    With all the second tier FA’s signing deals now interest in LK should go up. I will be furious if he just signs an offer sheet and walks. As for the NY deal how about a modest LK contract plus Steven Hunter’s cap space for D Lee? Villanueva and Varejao got $8/9 million deals so Lee at a price like that is very reasonable. Hey, I can dream damnit

  • TheseNuggs

    apparenntly i do not get any credit for passing on some news as well with frye hill and bass hmm maybe theres something wrong with my computer? ha anyways if david lee is in the works at all and we do get him in a sign and trade that would automaticaly clear any bad feelings for me as far as how this free agecy has gone so far for the nuggets. Simply put in my opinion david lee in denver will be as big as an impact as mostly any other trade or free agent signing that has happened to any other team right now.