Denver Nuggets Adding Beijing to Preseason Destinations

You may recall that the Denver Nuggets will be playing the Indiana Pacers in Taipei on October 8.  That will not be their only stop in the Orient.

The NBA has announced that the same two teams will play in Beijing on October 11.  I think everyone expected to have at least one other date added as it would make little sense to fly 35 hours or however long it takes to get over there for only one contest.

The game will be played in Wukesong Arena, formerly the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena, which has been refurbished and holds a capacity of 17,022 spectators.  According to Sun Kanglin, President of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport, it will be the third time NBA teams play each other in Beijing.  It will also be one of five NBA games played outside the United States this preseason.  In addition to the Nuggets and Pacers playing in Taipei and China the Chicago Bulls will face the Utah Jazz in London, the Jazz will play Real Madrid in Spain and the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers will face off in Monterrey, Mexico.

Hopefully, the Nuggets and Pacers games will be televised on NBATV, but there has been no word yet on any broadcast plans.

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