Video Scouting Report Malik Allen

In the aftermath of the Denver Nuggets acquisition of Malik Allen there was widespread disinterest. I decided to take advantage of that disinterest and throw together some actual footage of Allen playing NBA basketball. We are fortunate that Allen played the eighteenth most minutes of the season (for him at least) when Milwaukee came to the Pepsi Center so we have plenty of material to choose from. I have pieced together some of the most relevant clips I could find. If you find them boring, do not blame me, blame Allen.

It is pretty clear that Allen is not exceptionally fleet of foot. Sadly it is a matter of the spirit being willing and the flesh being weak. He certainly knows how to play and you can tell that he cares and tries to do his job. His physical limitations prevent him from getting to spots or rebounding out of his area. He is a sound player and certainly belongs on an NBA roster. However, at this stage of his career I would much rather see the Nuggets bring back Johan Petro over Allen for a cheap emergency big. At worst he is an expiring contract that could be paired with Steven Hunter and perhaps Renaldo Balkman whose rights could be renounced following the season making his contract a de facto expiring deal.

Looking at Allen’s advanced stats, he is an inefficient scorer due to his perimeter based game and his rebound rate is not what you would expect from a power forward/center. After his rookie season when he only played 161 minutes and he posted a somewhat respectable rebound rate of 13.8, he has never produced a rebound rate over 11.5 and he has not cracked 10.7 over the previous three seasons. As a point of reference Carmelo Anthony had rebound rates of 11.0 in 2007-08 and 11.5 in 2008-09.

To wrap things up according to John Hollinger’s player comparison model Allen is most like Peja Drobnjak (no longer appearing in this league).

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  • sleepydog

    interesting video, i had never really payed attention to allen before, so i really had no idea what we had. needless to say, i am less than excited about him. but, he’s cheap, has an expiring contract, and will be a good trade chip, which is the only thing i can think of that we will be using him for.

    any chance on an arron afflalo scouting report in the future? i’d be very interested to see what the only impact player we’ve added can do.

  • runningdonut

    Well I think it would be best for everyone if he played a very minimal amount or not at all. I agree he’s a smart player but looking at those clips on defense – he’s not quick enough to take a charge and not athletic enough to block or alter a shot. Also it seems like he is downright terrible in a transition game.

    I’m fine with this if he can hit some jumpers and give K-Mart an easier time making it through a whole season.

    But I will be pissed if he ends up stealing minutes from Naldo or keeping Birdman off the floor. I think we should give Birdman a larger role next year, provided he can improve his game offensively.