Carmelo Anthony Launches “This is Melo”

Carmelo Anthony has launched a new website called This is Melo that is intended to create a “community of fans and followers” to network together and find out all they could ever want to know about Carmelo.

The press release announcing the launch says that the site will “continue building Carmelo Anthony into a global brand whose passions extend beyond sports and into areas of entertainment, fashion, travel, philanthropy and fatherhood.”

The launch coincides with a marketing campaign that Melo is a part of for the Tag Body Spray Signature Series that Melo is a part of along with rapper Ludacris and pro skater Rob Drydek.

The site has several sections including a members’ only area called “Club Melo” where members can “access exclusive news” that pertains to Anthony.  In a slap to Kobe Bryant’s pay per access subscription site Club Melo appears to be free.  There is also second phase planned that will add merchandising to the endeavor.

I am not sure how becoming a global icon meshes with winning championships all I know is I hope Melo is working on his left hand and getting in the best shape of his career while he globalises himself.

The website looks great so check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • Nuggets4

    I’m morally opposed to Tag Body Spray being a part of that.