George Karl Uncensored

Editor’s note: Summer league may be over, but that does not mean we have to let it go. Bret Bearup, Mark Warkentien and George Karl were all interviewed during Denver Nuggets games. I was able to get very low quality recordings of the interviews so crank the volume on your computer and enjoy.

George Karl runs the anchor leg in the third and final segment in our series of summer league interviews. He discusses whether or not he thinks Ty Lawson is a good fit for the Nuggets (I think you can guess where he comes down on that), if he thinks Stan Kroenke is willing to spend extra cash and what he thinks of J.R. Smith all while watching his son dominate the San Antonio Spurs.

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I thought it was telling that Karl reported that he told Sonny Weems that he “does not need another scorer” yet Weems clearly focused almost entirely on his offense in Vegas and is now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Coincidence? I found it intriguing to hear Bret Bearup talk about Weems progress from the point of view of a talent evaluator while Karl held a different view of Sonny’s development because he has to evaluate him as a coach. We all know that what a coach wants and what front office personnel think is best for the team can frequently be mutually exclusive, and with Weems in Las Vegas we have a perfect example of that dichotomy.

Looking back at the three interviews we have posted I thought it was enjoyable to listen to how they all talked about how great Dahntay Jones was for them last season, but if you listen between the lines I think each and every one of them were astonished at the money the Indiana Pacers threw at him. They all basically said they never would have given Jones $11 million without actually saying they never would have given him $11 million.

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  • bryan

    Sonny Weems isn’t a Milwaukee Buck. The trade hasn’t been made official, Sonny Weems is in Denver and claims that he hasn’t been traded on his Twitter: