Anthony Carter Contract Update

Chris Tomasson, writing for Pro Basketball news, is reporting that the Denver Nuggets have an offer on the table for Anthony Carter to return to Denver in 2009-10.

The deal is reportedly a one year contract for the ten plus year veteran minimum of $1,306,455.  At this point Carter is hoping to find a team willing to offer him a multi year contract and has yet to agree to return to Denver.  From a cap standpoint, because it is a minimum contract his salary will not count against the $2.1 million remaining from the Nuggets’ mid level exception.

When the Nuggets acquired Ty Lawson on draft night many fans thought that was the end of Carter’s time in Denver.  As good as Lawson is, and he is very good, you never know how a rookie point guard is going to handle the step up from college to the NBA.

One of the primary concerns about Lawson is his ability to defend.  I thought he played very solid man to man defense in Las Vegas during the NBA summer league, but he struggled fighting over screens and I doubt he is ready to chase someone like Jason Terry all over the floor and around screen after screen.

Anthony Carter has proven he can do that and Denver may need him to do it again next season.

I think we all know that the chances of Carter getting a multi year contract offer are only slightly greater than my seven year-old daughter realizing that Hannah Montana is not actually funny.  If he was going to get a two or three year contract, it would have happened last summer.

As much as I would honestly like to see Carter get a nice fat contract from somewhere, it just is not going to happen.  There were rumors that Memphis was interested, but as Tomasson reported in the article linked above, they have decided on Marcus Williams.  I am not sure what other teams have made overtures to Carter, if any, and I honestly do not think it matters.  Carter is a good fit in Denver.  He has a strong advocate on the bench in George Karl and depending on how Lawson adjusts, Carter’s skills may be dearly needed by the Nuggets for at least one more season.

There are few things we can count on in this world, but if you want to bet on something, bet that Carter will return to Denver.  He will have basically the same contract as last season, but heading into camp his role is nowhere near as defined.  The really good news for Nuggets fans is if Lawson plays as well as I expect him to, Carter will be by far the best third string point guard in the NBA.

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  • runningdonut

    I’m not sure how AC holding out on the Nugs offer to leverage a better deal is great news. He’s not coming back as the third string PG, when he eventually settles for Denver he’ll use Karl’s affinity for him to make sure he gets minutes.

    Lawson will probably just need to take an extra year or 2 to develop.

  • Stumbleweed

    Boooooo, AC should not get minutes over Lawson unless we find out he’s a huge defensive liability. Lawson is so much more talented and has a great sense of ball control and tempo, unlike AC…