When is a Buck a Nugget?

Last night I decided to get more involved in Twitter (click on the blue ‘t’ under subscribe on the right sidebar to follow me, or I guess just click here).  For the most part I purposely lag behind the latest trends and that has generally served me well.  For example, I have never worn my jeans rolled up and folded tight to my leg for even a single second of my life.

However, my avoidance of what is hip can be detrimental, especially when it comes to new technology.  My college friends still mock me for purchasing tapes long after compact discs were all the rage.  (In my defense I did not have my own CD player so why buy something I could only enjoy when I was at college?  As a result I still have well over 100 tapes jammed into the corner of my closet.  Anyone looking for a copy of Belinda Carlisle’s greatest hits?  OK, this parenthetical section has gone on long enough.)

Little did I know my new found enthusiasm for Twitter would drop a potential story in my lap in less than a day.  When asked in a tweet by reader barchy why a week after being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks he still has not changed his background photo depicting him in a Nuggets uniform Weems tweeted back that he is “Not traded.” Needless to say, that came as a surprise to me.  The trade had been widely reported as a done deal.  After all, I have already put together a film room segment on Malik Allen for heaven’s sake.

Looking for answers I emailed Chris Tomasson, former Rocky Mountain News Nuggets beat writer, to see if he was aware of any snag in the trade.  He checked a source and apparently the trade is still a go, just not official.  It is possible that the transaction has been delayed until the Milwaukee Bucks decide what to do with Bruce Bowen.  His $4 million salary is not fully guaranteed until August 1, which is over 23 hours away.

If that is the case, (caution: pure speculation ahead) perhaps it is possible the two teams are working on an expanded trade that would include Bowen.  If Denver could get Milwaukee to take Steven Hunter for Bowen they could waive Bowen and save nearly $8 million in salary and tax payments.  Of course, with the trade exceptions Denver has, they can work out more complicated deals that would save less money too.  Regardless of what might be in the works, a deal for Bowen that saves money would be a major coup although Denver would certainly have to sacrifice a future first rounder to close the deal.

One way or another we should know in the next couple of days if Sonny Weems can keep his Twitter background photo.

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  • runningdonut

    Good call Jeremy, getting Bowen helps us out a lot money wise. It would make sense to explore that and see if we could get Hunter moved to. Is there any word on whether or not Hunter can play next year? There was some talk a while ago that his injury could have been career threatening.

  • Stumbleweed

    Bowen on the Nuggets, even for a minute, would be mildly hilarious.

    And yeah, this would be great… Hunter is done, and if this could clear some space for a signing/trade to pick up some extra salary without going WAY over the cap, all the better. The roster spot is as valuable as anything — paying a non-contributor $4 mil and a roster spot is not something we want to do again this season.

  • Nuggets4

    My hatred for Bruce Bowen is too strong to support this idea. Sorry Jeremy.